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JAAT 09/09/14(Tue)11:56 UTC+1 No.4407982 Report

To anyone who says John "Jin Saotome" Mallamas isn't a true Christian, yall can eat s**t. Jin is a true Christian. Mr. Rogers was a minority-loving fag enabler and real Christians hated him for how he spat on the Lord. Mr.Rogers made shitty puppets and couldn't even get toys made of them, but Jin probably designed toys you own right now! Jin knew Trayvon was a worthless thug ape, but if Mr. Rogers were still alive he would've knelt at the ape's grave and cried for Trayvonigger.

Jin = based
Mr. Rogers = loser

Jin is still alive cuz God protects him from all you faggots who might shoot him out of jealousy. Mr. Rogers is dead and real Christians protested his funeral. Suck it, Fred. /toy/ is Jin's bitch and so is the industry. You can't silence the Jin Army Against /toy/
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