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ebay horrors Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)08:43 UTC+1 No.4290572 Report

Hey dudes. I've been trying to not let this get to me but it has really gotten to me. I'm gonna try to green text it for readability.

>get email saying there is an issue with something I sold
>item not as described
>dude says I only sent the accessories and no figures
>dude comes out of the gate with all of this spergy shit about how he weighed the package and knows what it should weigh if the figures were there
>he knows because he has the figures
>they are army builders
>tells me i'd better check my house and find them and mail them to him
>i kinda panic and check my house
>did i accidentally put them in with someone else's package so someone else got MEGA LOOT for free?
>oh wait that was the only fucking thing i sent out that day
>i sure as fuck paid full shipping for it
>dude is in the military, so i sent it to a base in kentucky and they sent it overseas
>keeps telling me to look
>finally today comes back with more and more spergy numbers shit
>also claims i said i put the figures in a 'ziplock bag' and they'd 'never fit' so i must be lying
>called ebay to try to see what would happen since i know they always side with buyers
>they assure me it's 50/50
>he wants a partial refund

So either Gi Fuckhead decided he paid too much money (I just let the auction go up from $.99 and charged $8 shipping for 2 big figures) and wants some back, he is trying to scam me outright for MOAR army builders or customs did something with the figures, which he claims is impposibru!

Thoughts? Any anons been through this before? eBay says it won't take his side no matter what but I know the truth.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)08:48 UTC+1 No.4290578 Report

Sorry OP, but you sound dumb. First of all, you don't even know if you sent it or not. You say as much in your greentext. Secondly, you haven't even clearly explained if the package you sent actually arrived. If so, it would have had DC, tracking, etc. Jesus fuck sakes.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)08:59 UTC+1 No.4290590 Report

You sound like a retard, and none of this makes sense. "he weighed the package" - so, what, he hasn't actually opened it?

>spergy shit

Look, this isn't /b/. You can type like a normal person here.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:01 UTC+1 No.4290591 Report

IT certainly has tracking and it certainly arrived. It also has insurance. The tracking info was entered into the ebay system, etc. That's all there.

I know I fucking sent it, but I had a 'what if' panic moment since this dude was coming at me so hard with a billion numbers. I vividly remember that drive to the post office and subsequent wait in line.

He clearly described the way I packed things and the contents of the box (accessories in a baggy, bubble wrap for the figures, newspaper for padding) but said there were no figures when he opened it.

Everyone makes mistakes, so I fretted for a moment. But I know I sent them (since they're not here and I didn't mail anything else that day) and he's trying to scam me.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:04 UTC+1 No.4290595 Report

he opened it, but decided to weigh it vs. the weight of what the toys (which he duplicates of) weigh (supposedly) right out of the gate instead of just asking me where the figures were.

why would someone start weighing stuff and throwing those numbers around from the get go instead of just asking what happened? probably for intimidation factor, which sorta worked.

and I am super bad at green text, I admit.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:34 UTC+1 No.4290622 Report

you're super bad at ebaying aswell.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:39 UTC+1 No.4290627 Report

You and the buyer sound like a perfect match for each other.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)09:46 UTC+1 No.4290635 Report

Well jeeze.

All I did was pack it up, address it, send it (with tracking and insurance) and then get a complaint which had so much blunt information trauma that I doubted myself for a sec.

I'm not him so I don't know what he's trying to accomplish or what came in the mail, but I know I sent it. I can only assume he wants something for free (or cheaper) at my expense. I guess there's a small chance that customs or something tampered with it as well. But it's a bummer.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)12:33 UTC+1 No.4290735 Report

The buyer is lying. Tell him to send everything back if he's unhappy.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)12:35 UTC+1 No.4290736 Report

Chances are, he'll shut up and go away because effort is involved. If he follows through, you can get a refund of your seller fees and relist.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)13:50 UTC+1 No.4290797 Report


Fellow eBay seller here. It sounds like you've got a royal fuckup on no part of your own, OP.

The whole weighing thing is mega suspicious. Who the hell does that besides super paranoids and mega scammers? The partial refund demand nails it. I'm 99% positive that he's fucking with you to get free toys. If you're in the right, keep calm, be polite, but stand your ground. Don't be a beta and crumble under GI Jackass' bullying tactics.

Right now, it's a he said/she said argument with no definitive proof on both sides. Since it has tracking, insurance, and is being handled by the armed services, you have the better leverage than some "weight" proof. Here's what you need to do:

>Head down to your local post office ASAP and tell them your package was tampered with.
>Bring tracking number, sales receipt, printout of item, GI Jerk's claims of it not having items, and anything else you can think of.
>Head home, open up a case dispute in eBay in the resolution center. Claim that the package was tampered with. Scan & show any tracking insurance & receipts.
>The resolution center will need action on the buyer's side, so sit tight until GI Jerk responds, if ever.

Do all that correctly, and you've got eBay, USPS, and Armed Services post on your side. Package tampering, especially when it's dealing with APO packages going overseas, is a serious offense. GI Jerk will be shitting in his pants when his base's postmaster calls him in to question about his opened package of toys. If they find out that he's scamming you, USPS and the US military, he is FUCKED.

If you are in the right, ALWAYS stand your ground and ALWAYS cover your ass with insurance & tracking. There's alot of scammers like this asshole out there. The only way they'll stop is if they come up across an honest seller who backs his shit up with insurance & tracking and will not cave.

PS What exactly did you sell to this asshole?
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)14:01 UTC+1 No.4290814 Report

> this isn't /b/
> reads the rest of the thread
We sure are trying though
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)14:42 UTC+1 No.4290854 Report


Ebay should only be used to find new customers. Once someone has bought something from you, add them to your blocked list immediately.

Send an email to them directly, not through the ebay messages. Point them to your personal website or sales thread on a message board so they can buy from you directly next time.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)16:55 UTC+1 No.4291076 Report

I feel like a lot of people would mis-interpret that almost immediately and think you're suspicious as fuck.

If I've learned anything, it's that most people that buy online are stupid as fuck. They can't follow simple instructions when prompted or use basic logic to solve problems. And most people don't trust sites that they can't abuse the policies on.

And not exactly eBay related, but:
>mom sells shit on Amazon
>makes sure it's got signed delivery on expensive shit
>Some guy buys some dvd player or some shit for $200
>delivery confirmed
>messages her that he didn't get his package
>she tells him to go complain to his post office about it and file a police report for stolen package
>immediately files A-Z claim
>denied instantly
>spams her inbox asking her for a refund in broken english
>plays the guilt card
>plays the lawyer card
>plays the ex-military card
>starts asking for personal contact information
>all within a span of 2 days
>mfw the worst scammer I've ever seen
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)17:08 UTC+1 No.4291100 Report

I don't trust Ebay worth shit.

>Ordered a pair of pants I liked the look of
>Completely wrong size is sent
>Contact seller
>Broken English reply I can't understand
>Try again
>Broken English and an address
>Give up and just give a negative feedback
>Contact Ebay to report abuse from this seller
>Feedback is removed and seller is back to 100% feedback.

WTF? My negative feedback was "Incorrect item shipped and when contacted the seller responded in broken English I couldn't understand".

Fuck ebay man.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)17:39 UTC+1 No.4291162 Report

Amazon story here
>Finish watching first season of Gundam 00
>Decide to order an HG of the Union Flag
>Find one for a good price on Amazon
>Should arrive within 2 weeks
>1 month later still no Flag
>Go to Amazon to e-mail the seller to tell them it hasn't arrived after a month and I would like a refund
>The fucker has deleted his Amazon account
>Contact Amazon, they say they will look into it
It's been 4 years now, I don't think I'm getting that flag...
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)17:42 UTC+1 No.4291166 Report


OP, happy story for you. Since buyer forwarded the item to a different address, he no longer has buyer protection. As long as you have him admitting to having forwarded the package in either the case or in an ebay message (anywhere official so ebay reps can double check), just call to close the case, stating that buyer no longer quality for protection for the above reason.

Get the ebay website for the buyer protection qualifications up while on the phone too, in case the moron on the other line is not up to date on this.
Anonymous 07/17/14(Thu)21:18 UTC+1 No.4291521 Report

That's assuming that even if he did send it back that he would actually send back the figures and not a bunch of junk of equal weight to the figures. I've seen a seller screwed out of over $50 when a buyer sent back trash instead of the item being returned--the weight was correct and the seller didn't have video of them opening the package so it was a he said/she said situation with paypal siding with the buyer.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)08:10 UTC+1 No.4292564 Report

I've heard things like this a lot. You really need to be careful with how you word things in comments and messages. You can even get in trouble for telling the seller you'll be giving them negative feedback if you were talking about refunds or other things in the same message because the seller can take it to Ebay saying it's extortion. You can't be too descriptive or it will bite you in the balls. Just saying "there were communication problems" or "difficult to understand" would have probably been a lot better than saying they have broken English.

I had this one guy buy an item and then not pay for it. I asked him if he would just like to cancel after 10 days of nothing, but he said no and he'd pay me next weekend. I gave him around nine more days before contacting again and he then said he was having problems with PayPal and needed a little more time....More time goes by and he bought more crap from other people that were way more expensive than my item, so I just filed a NPB. Fucking faggot wasting my time.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)08:49 UTC+1 No.4292599 Report


If you actually sent it to a military base then look up a general directory for a base service number. Contact NIS and base legal. Inform them one of their members is trying to commit mail fraud over some "children toys" give them them DC# and ask them if they can talk to the soldier.

If you know what unit the package was delivered to contact anyone in his command structure with the same information.

reply with an ebay message to him with what you have done (or are going to do) and he will drop it very quick.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)13:12 UTC+1 No.4292808 Report

And then do it anyways. Hahahaha!
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)13:56 UTC+1 No.4292831 Report


No, don't tell him what you're going to do or that you did so. Just do it.

Any kind of "I'm going to XXX to you!" or "I just got XXX on your ass!" message via ebay messenger can be constituted as a threat by eBay. That's a big no-no and the fastest way to lose the case and possibly close your eBay account.

If you do talk to anyone on his base, then only make note of it on the case notes in the resolution center. Something like:

>"Seller contacted Sgt. XXX, in charge of XXX Base's mail delivery XXX date. Confirmed package was not tampered with at time of delivery."

Let the asshole deal with the sudden surprise of a C/O breathing down his neck over suspected mail fraud. Don't give him a warning that's only going to backfire in your face.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)14:25 UTC+1 No.4292850 Report

I've had cases where a buyer whines at me about how I didn't send everything as described etc.

So I've taken a further step; it's a hassle for me, but it's worth it.

I photograph everything being packaged; from the item(s) in bubble wrap, to them being put into the box, to the box being taped up and sealed, to the printed shipping label being placed on it.

I only delete the pictures from my computer after I've seen the item arrive and gotten positive feedback from the buyer. At that point, everything's good.

If they raise a stink about how "You didn't send me Magneto's helmet!" or "One of the five Ravages you sold me is missing!" and open a case over it demanding a refund, I can upload photos confirming.

The case usually gets closed by the buyer within a day of that.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)14:49 UTC+1 No.4292871 Report

If it makes you feel any better the kit is fucking awful. You can get it from HLJ though.
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)01:39 UTC+1 No.4295677 Report

>collect godzilla and related kaiju figures
>Order mechagodzilla for around $30 with shipping
>its a rarer figure and still has the tag attached
>get it a week or so later
>the battlepack is dented in
>covered in paint scrapes and worn out
>black stuff smeared on the chest
Was pretty annoyed and disappointed. Seller never mentioned the damage or wear and said it was new. Took pics hiding the damaged battle pack.
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