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what is your experience with...
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)10:05 UTC+1 No.4403800 Report

what is your experience with this store?

they seem to take forever to ship anything despite having good prices (well, sometimes)
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)13:55 UTC+1 No.4403972 Report

Where on earth do you normally shop that you think entertainment earth has good prices in comparison?
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:20 UTC+1 No.4404472 Report

I've bought from there twice.

The first time was for the Star Wars Elite Forces sets. The second was for a case of Handful of Heroes.

Both purchases were awhile ago though, in '09 and '11. So I couldn't really say what shipping is like now.

I think the only reason to buy from there is if you can't find something elsewhere. Like the case I bought for example, nowhere else was selling that line by the case.

I'd probably buy from there again.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:39 UTC+1 No.4404508 Report

I've had nothing but great experiences with them. Usually it takes a week for items to arrive after being shipped. It is worth noting however that a friend recently placed an order and it has an estimate arrival date of two weeks. Maybe I'm just lucky with how quickly my orders arrive.

I don't know what items you're looking up, but the first comparison I did was pic related. I've also seen Figuarts listed at the same price that Amazon offers on occasion.
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