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/trv/ I have only been on one...
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)16:41 UTC+1 No.857031 Report

/trv/ I have only been on one international flight before in my flight and it was to China from the US. I know that we have a policy where whatever airport you land in you have to get your bags and go through customs at that airport before you get on any other connecting flight you may have domestically.

However I have a couple upcoming international flights with connections in a 3rd country. This being the case will I need to go get my checked luggage and then recheck it to my final destination? Here are the flights I have coming up if the countries themselves matter

>IAD>ROM (connection in Moscow)
>IAD>BKK (connection in Abu Dhabi)
>BKK>CLT (connection in Shanghai)

I am fairly green as a whole in response to international travel so I am getting paranoid to make sure I have everything covered.

>dat clip art from the 90's
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)17:12 UTC+1 No.857049 Report

It depends on nationality you are, the country you're transiting through and the airport. Some countries/airports have visa-free transfers. I haven't been through any of those countries, but at a glance you might be able to transfer visa-free in Shanghai and Moscow, but still need to go through customs in Abu Dhabi. Double check with the specific airport though--both Moscow and Shanghai have multiple international airports AFIAK.
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)17:15 UTC+1 No.857052 Report

And whatever the case, they'll explain it to you and herd you where you need to be.
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)19:06 UTC+1 No.857085 Report

I will be able to connect at all of them without a visa, I am just confused as to weather or not I will need to pick up my checked luggage at my connections and then recheck it to my final destination. I have never had an international connection before so I am not sure how it works.

>US citizen here.
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)19:23 UTC+1 No.857095 Report

In my personal experience: no, they take care of the bags while you wait in the transfer zone. I've had 8 hour layovers and I've never had to recheck my bag.

Do note that this is my personal experience, I never used the airports you will be using. Not American either.
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)19:37 UTC+1 No.857098 Report

Depends on a lot of variables.
If the same airline throughout, chances are better that if it can connect, it will.
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)19:41 UTC+1 No.857099 Report

They should take care of the bags, particularly if both flights are with the same airline.

Protip: when you check in your baggage, ask the person at the check-in desk whether your stuff will be going straight to CLT. That way you'll be 100% sure
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)19:51 UTC+1 No.857105 Report

>Protip: when you check in your baggage, ask the person at the check-in desk whether your stuff will be going straight to CLT. That way you'll be 100% sure
If they checked the baggage tags themselves, they would be sure. Asking a question is no pure solution. Not mixing carriers is good because interline changes are bad, and no one person can see your whole intinerary.
But the fact of the matter is that security decisions and customs immigration issues are purely related to the country's laws.

OP, you need someone of your nationality who has done these three airports.
Anonymous 06/04/14(Wed)15:31 UTC+1 No.857410 Report

Charlottean here, just saying "Hey." Also, Price's Chicken Coop 4 evah.

Do not worry about it -- if you have to get your bags back at any point, which would be unusual, they'll herd you to the bag-pickup area. I've never run into a situation where that happened in transit, though you may clear security again at some airports.

You can't do it wrong, they'll guide you though every step of the way.
Anonymous 06/04/14(Wed)15:39 UTC+1 No.857414 Report

I've been through Abu Dhabi and Shanghai as stop overs and the airlines handled the bags. Not sure about Moscow. You should get an announcement on the plane before landing if you have to do it yourself. I doubt it, though, since you are only connecting on to other countries.
Anonymous 06/07/14(Sat)08:44 UTC+1 No.858315 Report


No, OP needs to call the airline/travel agency where he booked the ticket and ask them
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