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Any advice welcome! Anonymous 06/06/14(Fri)04:59 UTC+1 No.858008 Report

So I'll admit right off the bat that I'm very inexperienced travel-wise, having just become responsible for my own travel arrangements. I'll be flying from North Carolina to Chicago quite a bit in the next few years, and most likely from Chicago to Montreal as well, although infrequently. I've been using the 'cheap flight' websites but none list a price lower than the one on, say, aa.com. Do you guys have any tips on how to find the cheapest flights? Or am I already hitting the lowest possible price? Any help is much appreciated.
Anonymous 06/06/14(Fri)05:46 UTC+1 No.858012 Report

I always start at Kayak. Sometimes the best fare is on the carriers website. The check its to get really autistic and check a couple of times a day for several weeks 1-4 months before you are going to fly. Build a table in your mind or a physical table of the lowest price that you have seen. Like you have said, this will be a route that you will fly a lot so it shouldnt take long to get an idea of how much the fight should cost.
canadatravelagentbrohere 06/06/14(Fri)07:59 UTC+1 No.858027 Report

if you are looking in advance then in a given season on a given route airlines will generally all have the same base fare.

so this july from clt-ord

Delta has a lowest possible fare of 110+tax, most others have a lowest possible fare of 131+tax, and us has 156+tax.

those prices are regardless of routing/directness/etc. they are based on best possible availability. anything higher then that means that the seats at those prices are sold out. of course all prices tier, so when delta runs out of the 110 prices they go to 131 then 156 and so on and so forth. the more popular the flights you want, the higher they will get closer to departure.

All of those prices have a 21 day advance purchase requirement. so regardless of how sold out a plane is the price will increase at 21 days prior to departure. they will then increase further at 14/7/5/3/1 days prior.

I am unfamiliar with the seasonality around that route. but airlines will generally price things out on a seasonal basis. In canada/usa going to europe our seasons are generally

-till mid june(low)
-till mid july(high)
-till mid september(fucking retarded)
-till 31oct(shoulder)
-till 10dec(low)
-till christmas(fucking retarded)
-till 15jan(high)

over time you will get used to the ebb and flow of your routes. to further complicate things an airline will often change the seasonal pricing atleast several times a year. For example the lowest possible pricing for september is normally higher 11 months in advance then it is 8 months in advance. though these things tend to steady 3-6 months prior to departure(a general rule is the bigger the route the further in advance it becomes stable)

anyways, you are likely hitting the lowest possible price. personally I would also sign up for the email list of your preferred airline. Often airlines will have promotions and that's the fastest way to get notified for it.

though I rarely recommend waiting for sales.
Anonymous 06/06/14(Fri)11:31 UTC+1 No.858055 Report

Small tips is stuff like setting the start and end date on week days instead of weekends.
Anonymous 06/06/14(Fri)15:31 UTC+1 No.858083 Report

I can't emphasize the need to be autistic enough. You need to check several websites a day (kayak, cheapo air and whatever) then cross check that with carrier websites.

Recently I have been finding good deals on Student universe website and I just claim to be a student.
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