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BERLIN Anonymous 08/04/14(Mon)12:11 UTC+1 No.882649 Report

hellobello /trv/

so I'm going to Berlin this september, I've already been there. Now, I want to visit places, that are recommended by people actually living there! I want to see something different, something interesting. Please help me!
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)21:21 UTC+1 No.883746 Report

bumpity bumpity bumpity BUMP
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)22:47 UTC+1 No.883765 Report

Berliner reporting in. What do you want to know?
Anonymous 08/06/14(Wed)23:22 UTC+1 No.883777 Report

Get some inspo in here >>>880264
Though I need a fresh thread too, heading to Berlin at the end of august myself.
Anonymous 08/07/14(Thu)01:13 UTC+1 No.883804 Report

interested in going to berlin next june for champions league final. airlines are already price-gauging airfare there from here in the states

$1000 for a roundtrip (+ stopover in Moscow) to and from NYC? no thanks
Anonymous 08/07/14(Thu)01:48 UTC+1 No.883818 Report

I want some unique place, inetersting bars, nice shops, lovely parks, everythiiiiing that you could recommend.
Anonymous 08/07/14(Thu)01:49 UTC+1 No.883820 Report

thanks dude
Anonymous 08/07/14(Thu)22:56 UTC+1 No.884207 Report

bimpy bumpy bumpety
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)01:47 UTC+1 No.884900 Report

DADA falafel, best food in the world. And I've been places
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