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First time travelling
First time travelling Anonymous 05/01/14(Thu)09:43 UTC+1 No.845094 Report

so basically this summer im most likely getting layed off from my shitty construction job, and i will be left with nothing to do, im 23 years old so i could go to school or get another shitty job but neither of those intrest me.
i live in northern europe and i never travelled far away from my country, i dont even really know where i want to go just somewhere far away...
only thing that is keeping me from going is i that dont have anyone to travel with, anyone in similiar situation and wants to travel with me?
>i speak ok english
>got some savings
>no commitments, no gf (tfw)
>only thing i do is work and lift (i come from /fit/)
its pretty much my first time browsing /tvr/ so i dont know if you guys have these "travel partner hookup threads" or whatever... excuse me if u do :)

do you guys ever travel alone?
Anonymous 05/01/14(Thu)10:47 UTC+1 No.845108 Report


I, and most /trv/ regulars, prefer to travel alone. Being alone you are free to do whatever you want whenever you want, you don't have to coordinate with you partner. Its not hard to meet people on the road, especially if you stay in hostels. Lots of other people also travel alone so its really easy to make friends.

May I ask why you feel you need someone else to go with you?
Anonymous 05/01/14(Thu)11:28 UTC+1 No.845121 Report

I just thought it would be nice to have friend with you when traveling, off coure it has to be someone who you come along well and wants to go same places as you, but I don't even really know where i wanna go yet so that's not not an issue... Maybe even someone who has done some traveling before and knows cool places to visit ect.wirth
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