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Greetings, /trv/ i was...
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)23:19 UTC+1 No.857174 Report

Greetings, /trv/ i was thinking of possibly askign /int/ this question then remebered its basically /b/ with flags. Anyway, i was wondering has any one been to Monte Carlo? If so, what is the etiquette at the casinos' etc pic very much unrelated
Anonymous 06/03/14(Tue)23:20 UTC+1 No.857175 Report

And i've managed to fuck up my post already, my apologies
Anonymous 06/04/14(Wed)02:05 UTC+1 No.857202 Report

delete it and start again...
Anonymous 06/04/14(Wed)03:41 UTC+1 No.857216 Report


answer the question, faget
>polite sage
Anonymous 06/04/14(Wed)08:52 UTC+1 No.857294 Report

Easily enough found on the internets. There is a strict dress code. You need to have your passport with you. Other than that, don't be a faggot and it should be okay.
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