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Guatemala, Central America, Costa Rica casj 07/29/14(Tue)10:29 UTC+1 No.880152 Report

So my Grindcore band is heading to Central America on tour tomorrow. Do you have any tips over there? Do's & don'ts?

Some tunes:
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)17:01 UTC+1 No.880263 Report

For Guatemala:

Flores is fucking hot and humid. Expect heavy sweating. Jump in the lake in the evening though. Enjoy the nights. One of the best night vibes in any city and if you avoid the bars, the lakeside is full of locals at food stands getting drunk by the water. Just get your beer at street stores and drink outside.

Roads are fucking shit. Travelling is fucking shit. Get used to it.

Bring some warm clothes for Antigua and highlands. Gets chilly later in the day. Also, rain. Bring a lightweight jacket.

If you have any slight bar/club game then getting laid in Antigua should be ridiculously easy. I prefer doing the beta talk and get to know a woman thing so I didn't have much luck but the amount of short, ugly local dudes with solid 6 euros and americans was crazy.

Antigua isn't really that exciting, more of a stroll around during the day and go to a bar/club at night sort of town. Do the Pacaya volcano tour though. Short and not tough but it's pretty cool.

Link to tour schedule? Still in Guatemala and I'll be in Central America for another 5 weeks and it'd be cool to hit up local punk clubs.
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)17:25 UTC+1 No.880273 Report

It depends on how much time do you have, I checked your tour dates so:

In Quetzaltenango (aka Xela), you can go to the central park, see the park and look for a bakery called Xelapan buy some traditional bread called "Shecas". Take a dinner at restaurantepanorama . com to see the entire city. If you have more time (I doubt) You can go to "Las Georginas" It's a natural thermal pool, very nice.

San Marcos: I don't know, this place is so fucked up because recent earthquakes, better do nothing here. anyway I don't even know this place

Guatemala City: drink a beer with this anon, go to the central park, there is the national mail building 5 blocks from the venue, it's kind of different from the other buildings. There are really not so much things to see or do in one night apart from drinking.

Antigua Guatemala: You MUST go to this place, it's one of the top attractions in my country. Walk in the streets, go to the central park, go to see the ruins of old buildings. I hope you go there, and it would be better if you go before sunset so you can see the volcano next to the town.

If you have more time, go to Panajachel, it's between Guatemala City and Xela. I love that place, I go there everytime I can. Most people call it the world's most beautiful lake. It's a blue lake with two mountains in the middle, simply amazing.

If you want souvenirs go to Central market in Guatemala City, it's just a few blocks away from the Central Park. You can find souvenirs in Antigua too
It's against the law to drink in the street.
You only can smoke in open places
It's against the law to sell liquor after 1 AM, that means you can't buy after that time. But is a law, and any law can be broken ;)
Avoid public transportation in Guatemala City, if you take a taxi, take only the yellow ones.
You are from sweden, so you will pick up a lot of girls if you want
National beer: Gallo - must try it
National booze (the fancy one): Zacapa rum
National booze: Quetzalteca especial
Anonymous 07/29/14(Tue)17:43 UTC+1 No.880283 Report

I think I'll go to the Guatemala City show, see you there and welcome to Guatemala
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