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Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)21:37 UTC+1 No.890286 Report

Guys, I was in Budapest last week. On the last day we decided to go to this strip club named "Carpe diem strip club." It is located somewhere around the city centre "Deák Ferenc tér."
Anyways, the lady said 2k forint for a beer and a shot and thats all we needed to pay to enter. We were like "fuck yeah thats cheap." Went in, girls came over, asked if we wanted a lap dance, we were like "sure how expensive can it be ?" After 5 - 10 minutes of lap dance(wasn't even full strip) from 2 average girls(hard to find those in budapest considering most women are way above average) the guy came up with the bill. 110k forints. 55k each. Which translates into 350 euros or something. Which wasn't worth it at all. We got ripped. What a tourist trap.

So, anyone who is considering visiting Budapest, stay the fuck away from that place.
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)21:45 UTC+1 No.890289 Report

Budapest is full of those kinds of scams. Be sure to read up beforehand on which places to avoid. It's easy to find info on the internets. For example, the US embassy.
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)21:46 UTC+1 No.890291 Report

Never go to a strip club as a tourist. Compared to some stories I've heard, you got off lightly.
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)22:16 UTC+1 No.890299 Report


Man, why didn't you ask how much the lap dance was before?

Seriously, I got a lap dance in Estonia for 30 Euros for 10 minutes. The stripper probably could have ripped me off if my first question wasn't "HOW MUCH and for HOW LONG?"

Also, did you just get a lap dance or did she jerk you off or did you jack it to her stripping? If so this may increase the size of the "tip."

P.S. Strip clubs suck. LEGAL brothels, red light districts or massage parlors are the only places worth visiting.
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)23:12 UTC+1 No.890315 Report


That is literally the only scam in budapest and you fell right into it! Did you not even check? I swear it is such a commonly known thing that it is on the embassy travel warnings. They literally specify around Deak Ferenc too!

I can't believe it worked on somebody
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)00:01 UTC+1 No.890329 Report

Bro we checked afterwards. Both me and my friend had no internet @ that point, our international roaming package was over. But yeah, we could have find a way to check it first.

By the look of it, it worked on many people, mostly because it is on a decent spot. No one would expect a scam like that from a joint located on such a central area.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)00:41 UTC+1 No.890345 Report

>No one would expect a scam like that from a joint located on such a central area.

LOL, this is exactly where you should expect to be scammed. Scammers set up shop where there are plenty of marks (inexperienced people like you who fall for scams). Think about it for a moment, if you're capable -- is there any point in setting up scams in the middle of fucking nowhere,in places where there are no easy tourist marks like you?
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)02:38 UTC+1 No.890388 Report

>Accepts a service or good without checking the price first
>Calls scam

Unless you are 14, this is natural selection at work bro.
I can't blame a Company for making a living out of gullible customers, I own an iPhone after all.

For your own sake do not travel in Asia, ok?

>tfw dodged the Jet Ski Scam in Pattaya
>tfw dodged the Young Lady Takes You To A Coffee Scam in Shanghai
>tfw dodged the Friendly Rapper Wants You To Check His Album Scam in NYC and L.A.
>tfw dodged all the Unofficial Taxis in every train station and airport in the world (it was a close call in Pudong though, as the airport employees at the taxi lane are actually helping the taxis scamming the travelers).

I learned that these scams were pretty common years later in an infographic on 4chan, but some common sense usually suffices.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)03:42 UTC+1 No.890406 Report

whats the rapper scam?
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)03:58 UTC+1 No.890412 Report

>whats the rapper scam?

Presumably you go to the "studio," i.e. some quiet place where you're relieved of your money, phone, credit cards, etc.

My favorite scam was the "peanuts scam" in Hong Kong. Touts would stand outside the scam topless bars in Tsim Sha Tsui advertising beers for HK$10. Just like OP, the mark would think this was a great deal and take the bait. Once inside, a small dish of peanuts was served with the "cheap" beer, and the mark would of course eat at least one or two peanuts while watching the dancers. Eventually the bills would come, HK$10 for each beer and HK$1000 for the peanuts. Many laughs were had by the giant bouncers standing by.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)04:58 UTC+1 No.890433 Report

Guys outside a major music/multimedia store hand out CD's they have made of their own music, "trying to promote it". They ask you to take it home and listen to it, and spread the word if you like it.
When you take it, they ask you to pay for it, and can get (apparently) pretty intimidating to get a few bucks out of you.
My go-to excuse for this kind of dodgy situation is "je ne parle pas anglais, désolé". (very unlikely for the other guy to follow up in french).
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)12:12 UTC+1 No.890513 Report

Worked in a hostel in budapest and we always used to tell all the lads on tour that came in about the strip clubs if they looked like the kind of guys that would be pulled into that shit. Well apparently we forgot to tell this one guy about it and he got pulled into one, and quickly spent his entire bank account on like 3 drinks, was taken to the ATM by some bouncers, got money out handed them about half of what he owed and floored it back to the hostel where I was drunk chilling in reception with other staff. We basically laughed at him and thanked jesus that our security stopped their security from coming into the hostel.

fyi there ARE 2 legit stripclubs in budapest, but i still wouldnt recommend them.

polite sage
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)20:23 UTC+1 No.890616 Report

you lucky bastard, you should be happy that they didn't force you to become a stripper
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)20:23 UTC+1 No.890617 Report

Does anybody have some recommendations on good places to drink in budapest? i went a couple of years ago and went to all the obvious places so want to try some places a little different when i go this time
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)20:37 UTC+1 No.890622 Report

>Be in Budapest for Sziget Festival 2008
>After Final show on Saturday Night stumble our way into the city
>Go to strip club (possibly the same one as you, can't remember)

I can't be bothered green texting the rest of the story, anyway long story short, after a fairly cheap dance with one of the 10/10 girls she propositioned that I fucked her back at my hotel for 20k forint. Which I did.

Anyway Budapest is fucking great OP. Try to not come across as such a naive tourist next time.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)21:07 UTC+1 No.890640 Report

Budapest sucks!
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)11:26 UTC+1 No.890806 Report

When on vacation, dont forget to pack your common sense.

You cant know how things work all over the world, or what the common scams are. Your common sense however should tell you this, so you could prepare (by reading / researching) or you simply hold a cautious attitude.

I went to Budapest with a friend, and came across the strip clubs near city centre. Some nice guy (with english accent even) approached us while we were having a drink outside during afternoon, 'overheard us talking' was curious for our accent etc. Was promoting this club newly opened, had nice girls (didnt say strippers), had an offer for tickets at half price including some cheap drinks etc. blablabla.

Long story short: Yes scammers suck. But guess what, they only trap dumb tourists.
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