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Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)00:10 UTC+1 No.866026 Report

Has anyone here attended the Running of the Bulls in Pamploma? I have been wanting to do it since I was a little boy.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)00:59 UTC+1 No.866037 Report

Then why don't you come here and do it?
It's basically a kalimotxo drinking contest anyways
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)01:40 UTC+1 No.866050 Report

I've been there, but I didn't participate in the run itself, as I was too drunk and tired from partying the night before.

The encierro is only one part of the whole festival, and watching it could be underwhelming if it's your only reason for going or if you come with high expectations, as the runners and bulls pass by very quickly and you barely see any action.

if you go, go for the whole experience. come in the evening, party the whole night (sleeping is almost impossible anyways, the whole city goes completely crazy) and watch the bulls the next morning and you're almost guaranteed to have a good time.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)01:58 UTC+1 No.866055 Report

I want to run with the bulls, watch the bull fights, and party. I want to enjoy the whole festival. Should I learn some Spanish before I go?
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)03:19 UTC+1 No.866075 Report

I did it. It was amazing.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)06:29 UTC+1 No.866124 Report


I went last year. It was a blast. I'll be going this year with a friend. 5 days!! I was too drunk. I still ran but fell down. I plan on running but who knows. Do it ! Do it!
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)06:33 UTC+1 No.866127 Report

No, and I'm Spanish
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)06:38 UTC+1 No.866131 Report

I would attempt to learn some of the basics of Spanish. But you'll survive with out it. I've spent the past 6 months practicing. In 5 days I'll put it to use.

>if you go, go for the whole experience. come in the evening, party the whole night (sleeping is almost impossible anyways, the whole city goes completely crazy) and watch the bulls the next morning and you're almost guaranteed to have a good time.

Truest words ever spoke
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)07:46 UTC+1 No.866140 Report

Do they hurt the bulls like in the bullfights?
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)13:06 UTC+1 No.866196 Report

Fucking foreigners coming to fuck with our celebrations. Everything is crowded, dirty, noisy because of you. Stupid tourists that think they can run the bull full of alcol and drugs and putting in danger the rest of the runners.
Running the bulls drunk is the worst thing you can do. Thanks to this drunkers the goverment has put some watchers that take you out off the recorrido if they think that you're too drunk to run. There're a lot of people running the bulls though, it's like going to the Meca. Thanks god there are other several villages that have the same celebration, even in Madrid. I run every year the bulls in my father's village.
Less tourists, less crowd, less filthiness.

Anyway have fun and don't get caught by the bulls and spend all your money on our poor country.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)14:41 UTC+1 No.866233 Report

>Everything is crowded, dirty, noisy because of you

to be honest the vast majority of people i saw when i was there were spaniards and they weren't any less noisy or any more careful about where they dropped their garbage than the tourists.

i agree running drunk or without preparation is a bad idea but that's not exclusive to foreigners either.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)14:52 UTC+1 No.866235 Report

>I was too drunk. I still ran but fell down
I hope these people get impaled by a bull before someone trips on your stupid ass and gets injured because you are retarded.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)16:02 UTC+1 No.866261 Report


Do you know which day that pic was taken? I was there too, but I haven't found any pics of myself doing the run or on site :(


I knew a few basics and that was good enough to help, but if you know a lot of Spanish, it'll be even more beneficial.

I went alone, and on the 2nd last and last days of the festival. During this time it was mostly just Spanish people at the festival, so it was hard for me to meet and chat with people. In fact, it was kind of lonely, being in such a massive party and not being able to communicate with anyone. I usually feel ok on my own, but it was different there.

I did the run. It was incredible, but I pussied out and got too far from the bulls when they ran by. Big mistake. I also got into the arena when they let the baby bulls run loose. I didn't get to run up and slap one on the ass, because they ended it early (someone had gotten injured earlier on that day). Another big mistake.

Bull fights were okay, but they weren't the impressive. There was another event called bull dodging, or something, which was much more exciting. They get a lot closer to the bull, and it's much more dangerous. They do flips over the bull, and dodge from its horns just in time. Loved it. Definitely see that.

I have pics and vids.
Anonymous 07/01/14(Tue)02:17 UTC+1 No.866445 Report

That's the risk of running. Non drunks fall too. Should they be Impaled also?
Anonymous 07/01/14(Tue)02:19 UTC+1 No.866446 Report

That was day 2. July 7th, 2013.
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