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Hey trv, I need some adv. I...
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)13:58 UTC+1 No.844340 Report

Hey trv, I need some adv. I live in this decrepit city called Syracuse, NY and really hate it here. There's absolutely nothing to do, it's scummy, the weather sucks, and I feel like I need to start a new life. I applied to a four year school here (would take me four years to complete my degree), but it got me thinking that I really don't want to spend another four years in this do-nothing city. I've been leaning towards a move to Portland, OR this summer. I love nature and it seems like Oregon has a lot of it and a good amount to do in the city. I'd end up working for the year to gain residency in the state and continuing college after that.

I've pretty much already made my decision, just wanted to see what people think. People keep telling me it's all the same, but I'm pretty sure Portland is not the same as Syracuse. The only minor problem I have with this is having to work for the year to get in state tuition, especially since I've already taken one year off, but it's worth not having to stay here for four years. What are your experiences moving away?
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)14:56 UTC+1 No.844355 Report

Portland is full of unemployed twentyish people.

If you have a trust fund or family support, go for it.

If you already have a job lined up, go for it.

If neither, you're setting yourself up to become homeless.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)15:02 UTC+1 No.844356 Report

>I've pretty much already made my decision, just wanted to see what people think.

I think you've already made a decision, so what we think doesn't mater.

Thank you based hide button..
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