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Hey trv,I'm moving to...
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)01:38 UTC+1 No.843686 Report

Hey trv,

I'm moving to London for two months and need to find accommodation within commuting distance of Luton. I would have stayed in Luton but I heard it is a bit rough... is this the case or has it been overblown?

So any suggestions areas that you guys would recommend to stay within 30-40 mins commuting distance would be great, don't really want to spend more than £600 in rent a month so obviously I will be quite limited. Wouldn't mind being near some decent nightlife or somewhere a bit interesting/quirky.

Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)01:45 UTC+1 No.843688 Report

Luton is pretty hellish. If you do go anywhere in Luton, stick to the area near the University of Bedfordshire.
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)01:54 UTC+1 No.843692 Report

Yeah I heard it was voted one of the worst places to live in the UK and some places are a no go area. Then again I live in Edinburgh and it is always in the top 5 worst places to live in the UK it isn't that bad, has its shitholes of course but there is some still really nice areas.

I looked at accommodation at the uni as it is really near my internship but then I think I might prefer to live closer into the centre of London, not sure though.
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)10:58 UTC+1 No.843848 Report

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