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High tatras. Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)21:27 UTC+1 No.887984 Report

Hey /trv/, me with friends are planning a trip to Slovakia and we are planning to go climbing in high tatras. Got a question about campings in that area, maybe some of you know any good campsites (and pref cheap). Also maybe some sights to see while visiting this country? A slovakian friend of mine told that cities is no good and its full of gypsies.

Thanks in advice!
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)08:32 UTC+1 No.888161 Report

Bump. Anyone?
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)10:11 UTC+1 No.888182 Report

There are gypsies in Many cities, but generally not in the North. My family is from there and I go there every summer and hardly did I ever see any gypsies. You're better of staying in a pension or hostel as the prices are really low in Slovakia and it's still pretty nice.

Also personal tip: make sure to do the Rohacke Plesa hike (might even be your pic). Just amazing (pic related)
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)12:47 UTC+1 No.888225 Report

Thanks I will try to do the Rohacke Plesa, and is it true that all campings are full in the end of august?
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)21:32 UTC+1 No.888391 Report

well never camped there myself, but I think there's a high possibility yeah. That area gets a lot of tourists from Poland and the Czech Republic, and since it's still holidays at the end of August, it might be.
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)12:45 UTC+1 No.888680 Report

Also any drinks you would recommend besides borvoi?ka?
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