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Hiking in Europe Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)00:13 UTC+1 No.880533 Report

What's the best place to spend a couple of months hiking in Europe?

good for camping
some great scenery
not ridiculously hot
some quite challenging hiking but not ridiculous
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)00:26 UTC+1 No.880543 Report

bumping this
basically exactly what i've been wondering
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)00:27 UTC+1 No.880544 Report

Austria -> Swizz -> Germany
Noway -> Sweden -> Finland
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)00:29 UTC+1 No.880548 Report

how's scotland for hiking for a couple months? especially the isle of skye
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)00:40 UTC+1 No.880554 Report

Scotland a shit
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:26 UTC+1 No.880573 Report

Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:36 UTC+1 No.880577 Report

I've heard actually kinda mediocre. It depends on what you're used to. If you want some super easy stuff that's more like walking, a warm bed every so often, and a good number of other tourists, go for it. Does it stack up to the best North America has to offer, or even the Alps (despite the crowds)? No.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)01:38 UTC+1 No.880579 Report

Well, I'm looking for somewhere that looks similar to it, you know like the rolling Grasslands kind of scenery that would be a well worth hike w/o a lot of tourists.
Anything remind you of that, that isn't Scotland?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:24 UTC+1 No.880604 Report

Faroe Islands? Spitballin here.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)02:59 UTC+1 No.880625 Report

Wow, it looks beautiful
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:19 UTC+1 No.880676 Report


Norway matches this description very well, but it's not cheap at all.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:36 UTC+1 No.880680 Report

What's a good location?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:37 UTC+1 No.880681 Report

sadly, the law only allows you to camp at designated campsites, anywhere else is prohibited. so you might come in contact with other people even if you shoot for the tourist off season( anytime except summer ). i dunno if that's a deal breaker
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:40 UTC+1 No.880682 Report

Yeah I was really aiming for this to be a personal journey on my own, just can't find anywhere that fits the bill of the aesthetics I want (i know it sounds silly, but w/e)
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:41 UTC+1 No.880683 Report

How about New Zealand?
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:43 UTC+1 No.880684 Report

This is me
responding to myself, asking the board if New Zealand is good
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:51 UTC+1 No.880686 Report

If that's what you want, I would go for Norway. Pretty much you best bet.

>Challenging hiking
climbing through the fjords will give you a challenge and reward with a FUCKING EXCELLENT landscape and view.

>great scenery
see above ^ (FJORDS)

>not ridiculously hot
Norway would be perfect for this then, always pretty temperate, even in the summer (just got this from looking at data, never been there.

>good for camping
YOU CAN CAMP PRETTY MUCH EVERYWHERE. yep, it's legal everywhere i think, thanks to allemannsretten. you have to follow these rules tho:

You may go anywhere in open country (“unfenced land”) on foot or on skis and picnic wherever you want. Open country is land that is not cultivated. In Norway, the term covers most shores, bogs, forests and mountains. Small islands of uncultivated land within cultivated land are regarded as open country. “Fenced land” is private and includes cultivated land, such as ploughed fields with or without crops, meadows, pastures and gardens, as well as young plantations, building plots and industrial areas.

However, you have access to fields and meadows from 15 October to 30 April when the ground is frozen or covered with snow. “Fenced land” needs not to be actually fenced.

You may put up a tent, or sleep under the stars, for the night anywhere in the countryside, forests or mountains, except in cultivated fields and lay-bys. However, you must keep at least 150 metres away from the nearest house or cabin.

If you want to stay for more than two nights in the same place, you must ask the landowner's permission, except in the mountains or very remote areas.

Places for emptying toilets are signposted.

Open fires are not permitted in or near forested areas in the period 15 April to 15 September. Take care not to cause any damage if you light a fire at other times of year.

In general, you may pick berries, mushrooms and flowers, but special rules apply to cloudberries in the three northernmost counties
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:53 UTC+1 No.880688 Report


idk about cheapness tho. from what i've heard it's moderately expensive
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)05:58 UTC+1 No.880689 Report

The only thing I'd really be spending money on is airfare and some supplies before I head out - I want to go (wherever I go), talk with the people who live in the town nearest to where I'm going off, ask for advice, grab my supplies, some food/water and (With the advice I got) head out somewhere where the scenery is beautiful and the food is sustainable.

I'm not OP, I'm not looking to go for a few months, maybe 3 weeks though.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:03 UTC+1 No.880690 Report

well then sounds like a perfect place for you. I'm jealous :)
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:05 UTC+1 No.880693 Report

What's a good town in Norway to do this around? Or national park? You sound like you know a lot about it.

I've been waiting my whole life for this. I'd like to visit Emilia Romagna in Italy too but who knows
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:14 UTC+1 No.880698 Report

i know enough to know that i should probably let you decide. you've been waiting your whole life to go there. take your time when deciding. I recommend using Norway's official site, it has an extensive catalog of trails. You can start off following one and then just wander to your heart's desire.


best of luck to you :)
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:17 UTC+1 No.880700 Report



Lofoten and Vesterålen would be good for scenery, and there are several places there to visit. Henningsvær in Lofoten has its own climber's community during summer, and is a beautiful place to visit. In Vesterålen you can go "The Queen's Route", offering some nice scenery.

Jotunheimen national park. Should be perfect for tenting. Haven't been there myself, but it should be great. For higher altitudes, you can find Galdhopiggen, 2469 meters, and the highest mountain in Norway. You may need some winter clothing for this one, I'm not sure.

The most well-known is Preikestolen, I think, but it's probably crawling with tourists.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)06:29 UTC+1 No.880702 Report

Just found this place called "Dalsnibba" and it looks almost exactly like what I want
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)07:34 UTC+1 No.880728 Report


Yeah, it will probably be great, but getting there will cost you.
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)09:48 UTC+1 No.880756 Report

Romania. Ticks all your boxes.

Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)09:59 UTC+1 No.880759 Report

English faggot detected
Anonymous 07/30/14(Wed)23:34 UTC+1 No.881078 Report

nah irish cunt
Anonymous 07/31/14(Thu)00:22 UTC+1 No.881088 Report

High Tatras in Slovakia and the Julian Alps in Slovenia are both really nice
Anonymous 08/01/14(Fri)00:31 UTC+1 No.881453 Report

If your criteria are in order of preference I'd agree with double-dubs above, maybe add the Carpathians in Romania too.
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