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Anonymous 05/28/14(Wed)13:22 UTC+1 No.854870 Report

I haven't charted it all out yet, but:

Thinking of travelling within Europe as a warm-up, Asia, around African safaris.

I won't be leaving for another year or so until I have enough wages saved up. From experience, what would you guys call a sensible budget/cheap ways to save cash and avoid theft.

So far my extent on travelling is a few trips to Turkey and Cyprus as a brat on family holidays, and I went off to France by myself last year to see how I handled myself alone.

I want to start listing some good places to explore, but don't want to have set it out to the finest detail, I feel that it would take the fun out.

Also, I'm female and hear a lot of talk of rape and whatnot, so that's pretty unnerving. I don't show skin when I'm abroad and keep my clothes baggy, and can throw a punch. Any other tips for avoiding getting dicked from all angels?
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