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Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)20:37 UTC+1 No.887966 Report

I was given the opportunity to travel to one place in the U.S. for a few days, and I'm not sure where to go. There's too many places I'd like to visit at the moment to where I can't think of any. Suggest me some, /trv/. Preferably interesting, warm, and not in the Northeast.
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)20:41 UTC+1 No.887967 Report

I would suggest looking into the Southwest. Try to visit some Native American ruins and see some old western towns and stuff like that.

You have the four corners there which allows you to hit up four states in a matter of days. There is also Las Vegas where you can go to party if you want to. You would be doing a LOT of driving though, so it's really a question of whether you want to just experience one place there or a lot of them.
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)20:46 UTC+1 No.887968 Report

Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)21:17 UTC+1 No.887981 Report

New Orleans
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)21:54 UTC+1 No.887997 Report

Any of these places I can take a train to? I like the sound of Vegas/New Orleans because of the music and entertainment culture.
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)22:02 UTC+1 No.888000 Report

I'm sure there is a way to take a train from Vegas to New Orleans, but how many days do you have? They are very far apart.

A national flight might be a better way to do it, there are always flights to Vegas from everywhere.
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)22:07 UTC+1 No.888003 Report

There's no train station in Las Vegas
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)01:16 UTC+1 No.888061 Report

Ferguson, MI
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)02:47 UTC+1 No.888089 Report

Huh. Learn something every day.
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