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Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)07:30 UTC+1 No.884960 Report

Just about Lufthansa flights. I originally bought a London - Munich one way trip for about $210 AUD. A few things have come up and I now have to fly a day earlier than booked. Wondering if it is worth changing my flight or cheaper to grab a new $130 flight the day before instead. Anyone ever changed a flight with this company before?
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)13:22 UTC+1 No.885056 Report


I'm pretty sure Lufthansa is an airline, maybe you should fly to Munich on an airplane.
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)15:09 UTC+1 No.885087 Report

Depends on your fare conditions.
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)15:12 UTC+1 No.885089 Report

>I'm pretty sure Lufthansa is an airline
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)00:45 UTC+1 No.885266 Report

Isn't easyjet cheaper?
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