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/trv/ - Travel - Older Car Rentals in Europe

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Older Car Rentals in Europe Paullywol 06/06/14(Fri)02:49 UTC+1 No.857986 Report

Hello T-

I desperately need help. A couple months ago I searched for affordable rentals in Europe. I found a site that would rent out older vehicles, like 2008's, 2010's, and the like for much better rates than all of these new-car assholes.

I called them, the seemed to be a type of broker for a bunch of smaller rental firms, and they were very friendly and answered all sorts of questions, very professional!

Problem is, I went to find it today and was eye-raped by all of the paid advertisements and "meta-search" engines that just crammed the same major rental companies bullshit in my face over and over again.

Does anyone have a clue what this website was?? Any help at all would be amazing! I"m getting so desperate I'd ask /b/ at this point!

Pic related, one of the places I'm going.
Hurr 06/06/14(Fri)02:57 UTC+1 No.857988 Report

Don't wanna sound like a smartass but have you tried to retrieve their number from your phone (look in your outgoing calls list if you haven't saved it) and then google the number?
Otherwise, I have no idea. Alas, I have the same issue when looking for smaller, local rent-a-car agencies [that are willing to rent to under 21s] and all I get is Europcar, Hertz, Avis and the likes.
Paullywol 06/06/14(Fri)03:05 UTC+1 No.857990 Report


You dont sound like a smart ass at all!! TWC can only go back three months, and I think this call was outside of that.

However, I did request the call history for the last three months today, but it takes 7-10 days for them to mail it to us. I plan to do exactly as you said and google the toll free numbers until I find it. I also tried to pull my internet history, but it was only GF's laptop and it only goes back... wait for it... three months as well! After sifting through MOUNTAINS of Pokeyman bullshit, I couldnt find a damn thing except where I looked up Hostels in Berlin.

But that was an excellent suggestion, Thankyou!
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)00:59 UTC+1 No.858500 Report

Desperation bump
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)08:51 UTC+1 No.858553 Report

What country in Europe?
Dunno about the others, but in France it's becoming quite popular to rent the car of regular peoples for short or long term.
My parents in law are spending a month in France this summer, they are renting a 2008 Peugeot 407 for like 12€ a day, unlimited mileage and insurance included.
Out of curiosity I just googled peer to peer car rental, here are a few hits:


Maybe you could go that way too?
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)09:09 UTC+1 No.858555 Report

>pic related
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)09:36 UTC+1 No.858559 Report

Interested in this too, any locals from Greece/Bulgaria/Romania knowing anything about this kind of service over there? Google didn't help much. Thanks.
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)21:06 UTC+1 No.858703 Report

Germany and Netherland for the most part, but possibly Austria too. Thanks for the updates, I'm looking at them now as an alternative....

oldpic not related
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)21:13 UTC+1 No.858704 Report

Could it be 'Rent a Wreck'?
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)21:27 UTC+1 No.858708 Report

"rent a wreck" didnt seem to have european offices, at least not in the Frankfurt Wiesbaden area.

But if my memory serves right, it wasnt them anyways.
PaullyWol 06/09/14(Mon)00:02 UTC+1 No.858740 Report

This is strange, /trv, but rent a wreck doesnt seem to have any website for Europe or Germany, and none of the P2P car sites seem to show anything for EU and Germany. Has the internet just turned against me recently?
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)07:56 UTC+1 No.858783 Report

Depending on the savings involved you could go through France to pick up a car and then drive to Germany, it'll take between 10mn and a couple hours depending on where you are in France
http://www.buzzcar.com/en/location-voiture/?skey=0285b902b2347ed82e093642a370d209 (this one I entered "alsace" as a pick up spot, it's neighboring Germany)

Hope this'll help
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