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Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)13:10 UTC+1 No.863196 Report

Pic unrelated
I've been backpacking through Europe for about two weeks now with a companion. We've been city hopping, so far we've been to Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, and Prague. Every city feels the same as the others, just different tourist attractions. The only city I've really enjoyed so far is Prague. There's been a music festival going on while I've been here, the architecture is pretty unique, and the city just seems a bit more varied than the others I've been in.

We're going to end up in Vienna for another music festival soon, after which we're splitting up and I'm going out on my own. I'll have about three weeks before my flight home leaves out of Italy. My budget is $2,000 usd(I can go over if necessary, but I'd really prefer not to). I'll have 5 rides left on my Eurail pass when I get to Vienna.

Where are some places that you guys have really enjoyed in Europe? I've been thinking about the Netherlands(Denmark and Switzerland), but I'm skeptical due to rumors of it being absurdly expensive. Just looking for some advice on travelling outside of the popular touristy city loop.

I'm happy to talk about my travels so far as well, if there's any question/interest. My internet access is sporadic- and it's worth noting that I do not have a smartphone/tablet/laptop.
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)13:22 UTC+1 No.863202 Report

well if you are looking for something different from boring tourist attractions, I think Denmark is the best choice. kopenhagen is more about it's "lifestyle" than about any towers or castles n shit. Main attraction is a tiny mermaid bronze. Amsterdam (I live in NL atm) is 100% tourist smoking weed and getting hookers. forget all the bs you heard about how liberal and trendy it is..
if you live there, you know the good spots and can enjoy it. As a traveller it is important to escape the mainstream, because the whole city is full of water channels (Grachten) and old houses, which is nice, but it also means that the entire city is a tourist attraction. the outskirts are sleeping towns, nothing going on there. I drove through Switzerland once, the landscape is fucking impressive if you cone from somewhere without mountains..don't know the cities there, but swiss cities are expensive as fuck, hostel and drinks/food...fuck my life.

and yes, those most expensive countries you choose: CH >> DK >>>>>> NL in that order approximately
Anonymous 06/22/14(Sun)13:23 UTC+1 No.863203 Report

important = impossible ***
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)10:23 UTC+1 No.863859 Report

Not OP, but that typo changed the whole thing LOL
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)15:23 UTC+1 No.863925 Report

Personally, I would dedicate lots of time to Italy. The architecture is stunning, but the art, food and music is amazing also. One of my favourite towns was Verona. Try to get tickets to a concert at the amphitheatre there. It is an amazing and unique experience. Also, tour through Tuscany sampling the food and wine.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)15:27 UTC+1 No.863926 Report

I've kind of figured that about Amsterdam. I hear nothing but raving good things about it, but the people who tell me that are the ones who go out and get wasted nightly. I definitely enjoy scenery, but I probably will skip Switzerland based on cost alone. I was considering Turkey, looking at Istanbul and Dalyan. Not sure how much of an issue transportation will be though. A Eurail pass won't get me all the way there.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)15:28 UTC+1 No.863927 Report

I wasn't quite sure about doing that, but with a third party recommending it I think I'll go ahead and spend at least a week there. Would you say that's enough, or should I dedicate up to two weeks?
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)03:32 UTC+1 No.864113 Report

I really can't say, but I spent a week in northern Italy and barely scratched the surface.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)04:30 UTC+1 No.864125 Report

If you liked Prague, why not keep going East?

Krakow is beautiful too, i guess Budapest is a good choice too.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)18:17 UTC+1 No.864329 Report

I'm currently in krakow actually, stopped in before Vienna. I've been hearing good things about Budapest while here, so I'm looking at going there too.
Anonymous 06/25/14(Wed)19:43 UTC+1 No.864352 Report


Any advice on the good spots?
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)02:25 UTC+1 No.864493 Report

Personally, I'd stave away from Florence or Milan, both are tourist-y cities that are pretty boring. I mean, sure Florence is pretty but the sheer amount of tourists ruin what should otherwise be an exciting experience.

Switzerland is rather expensive, as is Denmark. Both are nice places to visit but personally, I'd stave away from Switzerland, unless you really feel a strong urge to go, you'll regret the cost otherwise. Traveling further east might not be a bad idea, admittedly, I haven't been any further than Germany but I am aware that it is pretty cheap and I've heard nothing but good things from other travelers about Eastern countries like the Czech Rep or Hungary.

Ask yourself what you want out of your traveling, where you wish to visit? Whatever answer you provide to that question is probably what you'll gain the most from. A lot of western capital cities are pretty similar in a lot of respects, you'll surely see this again when you reach Vienna (nice place but still), so where ever you go, try visiting smaller cities, places that are eye catching for different reasons, it can even be something as simple as a name, so long as it isn't another western capital.
Anonymous 06/26/14(Thu)19:40 UTC+1 No.864656 Report

What are you interested in? Most of the cities you listed can be amazing places in my opinion, really cool people to meet, interesting life to live, art, music, history... But I don't know what you are interested in.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:45 UTC+1 No.865523 Report

Love nature, I was raised by a national park ranger.

I have a pretty voracious appetite, there's not much I won't eat, and I love trying new foods.

A good value. I get straight up happy whenever I find a good deal(I bought a cheap good quality knife from a scouting store in Krakow, was happy about that shit all day).

I really enjoy seeing new stuff, not sure how exactly to put that. Like seeing the same western buildings literally everywhere I go just annoys me.

I'm not a fan of museums, but I love seeing art that's incorporated in to the environment. Huge graphiti murals, inhabited buildings that are covered in ivy/plants, etc.

Music is another big one, I'm enjoying the music festival in Vienna right now.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:35 UTC+1 No.865537 Report


OP you should consider purchasing a bunch of food while you are in cheap areas and then Eurrail it all the way to Norway, and bus out to the middle of Norway for some nature mountaineering. Then there are cheap flights down to Italy from Oslo. From Rome (which is great in itself and not as bland-western as Berlin/Paris etc) head down into southern Italy - Naples/Sorrento. There's loads to do in each of those places, and it should all come in under $2k.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:01 UTC+1 No.865542 Report

OP go to the balkans. Best part of europe imo

I'd suggest Vienna> Budapest> Belgrade> Sarajevo> Mostar> Dubrovnik and then head to Italy
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)22:35 UTC+1 No.865656 Report


hey dude ive actually been doing the same thing, backpacking across Europe for about a month, from Vancouver to London to Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam to Berlin to Munch and now in Vienna.

Were you at the festival yesterday? I'm going tomorrow to catch Kaytranada and Digitalism.

Judging by your post you seem to be getting a little jaded by the sights from your journey so far, and I'm actually glad that I'm not the only one. I seem to be going through a pretty heavy phase of disillusionment... How are you feeling at the moment about your trip?

although I should add that Vienna is absolutely beautiful. Probably headed to Budapest next ina couple of days.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)22:39 UTC+1 No.865658 Report

that cloud kinda looks like Canada + Alaska

Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)22:41 UTC+1 No.865659 Report

As someone traveling In Switzerland I can confirm its expensive as hell but it is also beyond beautiful.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)12:31 UTC+1 No.866190 Report

I'm taking an overnight to dubrovnik(Or to a train station near there, then a bus to the actual city, since trains don't run there) tonight. I'll look in to scheduling some of those other places. I hadn't thought of the Balkans, that's a really good idea. Think I'll head there right after Dub.

I don't know the name to be honest, was a massive free festival in Vienna, ended yesterday. The festival was a blast, I spent most of it at the edm stages. But it wasn't a foreign land kind of fun, just a standard music festival sort of fun. Then again, I've been sick the whole time I've been here, only functioning thanks to Advil.

I think dissillusioned is a pretty good word for how I'm feeling. I've still got three weeks though, so I'm going to change up my travel plans. I think I've just been going to all the wrong places- the places that virtuallz every other 'backpacker' is going. That's why I made this thread- I want to hear from people who aren't the booze addled tourists that I've been talking to.

That sounds like something I'd need a little more planning/equipment to do, but I want to do it. I've been considering moving to Switzerland once I finish my degree in engineering. Would be a good idea to go take a trip dedicated to the country before I do graduate. I am going to end my trip in Italy, probably spend my last week and a half or so there.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)13:39 UTC+1 No.866212 Report

Go to smaller towns! I thought spain and ireland were best for unique "flavor."
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)14:08 UTC+1 No.866221 Report

I visited Connemara in Ireland when I was younger, that is easily one of my best memories of travelling.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)16:38 UTC+1 No.866269 Report

Trouble is finding those smaller towns. They're difficult as hell to find information about on the internet.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)17:35 UTC+1 No.866295 Report

Where at? I live near Zurich.
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)18:57 UTC+1 No.866311 Report

Well currently I'm in zermatt

I'm from Arizona so the change in weather and geography is insane for me
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)19:34 UTC+1 No.866322 Report

Go to some smaller/out of the way towns, or dig deeper into the bigger ones. I personally loved the Cinque Terre. I also like Amsterdam, not really for any particular reason, but it's fun to just hang out in.
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