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Road Trip in August. Planning...
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)14:00 UTC+1 No.844343 Report

Road Trip in August. Planning for 10-11 days.

I've got a good idea of what I'll be doing from San Diego to Colorado, but after that, I'm pretty lost. I'd like to visit bourbon distilleries in Kentucky if possible. Final destination is Charlottesville, Virginia.

Any advice, especially for after Colorado?
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)15:16 UTC+1 No.844359 Report

Have you looked at the distances you plan to cover each day after Colorado. Without checking it for myself, it appears you may be spending so much time just driving each day that "what to do" is not going to be an issue.

As far as "what do" advice, what sort of things interest you?
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)15:27 UTC+1 No.844363 Report

According to one online resource, this can be done in about 11 days driving less than 5 hours a day. I plan on burning through an area like Kansas to save time for other days, but if there is anything great to see (natural sights), beer breweries, bourbon distilleries, or crazy good restaurants East of Colorado that are somewhere along that route, I'd love to know bout it.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)18:32 UTC+1 No.844458 Report

Are you ending in Richmond? Thats my hometown. It's not a big place? What's drawing you there?

If you're into microbrews and punk bars, look up Legend and Hardywood Brewers. Strange Matter (929 Grace Street) is my favorite bar/burger joint/arcade/punk venue (can't make this shit up), though that neighborhood is slowly being devoured by the university. Stay out of Shockoe Bottom at night or you'll get shot. Stay out of Carytown at night or you'll want to shoot yourself. Downtown is cool, the Fan is full of students. Make sure you go to The Rocks too, and look around the big cemeteries. Decent Urbex by the river.

Anything else you want to know? There is a lot of god-tier beer and food here if you're into that. If you want to get a good feel for the city get on meetup or couchsurfing and get a local to show you around.

>not trying to turn you away, but DC has a lot more stuff for tourists, even if the city is bland by comparison.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)18:34 UTC+1 No.844459 Report

Ending in Charlottesville for school in August.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)19:12 UTC+1 No.844483 Report

>UVA? Check you're privlege Cislord.

Make sure you get down to Richmond for a long weekend sometime then. Cville is cool. I have some friends out there, good mountains and Hiking. Not a lot in the city itself IIRC.
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