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Ryanair carry-on
Ryanair carry-on Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)13:08 UTC+1 No.891951 Report

Hey /trv/,
this last year Ryanair along a new awesome website, has made other improvements such as the second (smaller) hand luggage allowed on board (35 x 20 x 20 cms).

Have you guys tried this out yet? I haven't flown with Ryanair for some time and I almost cannot believe it. It's pretty super. How much have you pushed your second luggage (in size or weight)? Any issues?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)13:36 UTC+1 No.891955 Report

Flew with them a couple of weeks ago. The weight limit is 2kg so i just used a plastic bag and put about 2kg in it. They didnt check it on either of the two flights so you could put more in it. But then again if they do weigh your stuff you might have to pay extra.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)13:37 UTC+1 No.891956 Report

Since when does O'leary stoop as low as those retarded commercial tactics ?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)13:37 UTC+1 No.891957 Report

Who is Ryan?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)14:03 UTC+1 No.891966 Report

Yeah they're way more relaxed about luggage now.
I've flown with them several times this year, no problem.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)17:27 UTC+1 No.892014 Report

this whole thread reeks of viral marketing

So... RYAN AIR IS SHIT thread anyone?

Once I was on ryanair and I was trying to put up the armrest to sit with my girlfriend. I heard "FUCK OFF! STOP THAT!", turn around, and realize that we were packed so tight that the armrest was digging into his knee and stuck down.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)17:29 UTC+1 No.892015 Report

reported for commercial SPAM

There are probably not 3 people on planet earth who say nice things about RyanAir within the span of 1 hour, let alone on this board.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)17:45 UTC+1 No.892025 Report
File: Oscar_ballou.jpg-(125x93)
My gf was also refused entry...
My gf was also refused entry on a Ryanair flight FOR HAVING A SANDWICH in her hand. This news will, no doubt, be welcomed.

As for me, I cannot comment. Ever since ryanair flew me to the wrong fucking airport (and didn't tell us), I have refused to travel with them.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)17:51 UTC+1 No.892026 Report

Travelled three times with Ryanair. Only had a delay of 30 minutes between Dublin-Birmingham once, which was actually quite good, because I arrived at the gate 10 minutes after the initial departure lol. Other than that, you really get what you pay for
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)18:01 UTC+1 No.892030 Report

I used them once and didn't have any issues. You just have to deal with the fact that it's a budget airline. They don't fly long haul so it's not like you're stuck in a jail for weeks.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)18:20 UTC+1 No.892039 Report
File: indeed.jpg-(125x92)

lol, isn't that fascinating.

Tell me. Seeing as you are here, can you trot over to customer services department and check a few details for me.

We flew from Girona to Bristol (1st January this year). The flight was delayed by something like six hours. Ryanair said that the weather in Bristol was too windy to land (i.e. circumstances out of their control, thus no compensation). However, when I rang up Bristol they said the weather was fine and planes were landing.

Can you double check if we're entitled to compensation please. Thanks guys.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)18:51 UTC+1 No.892042 Report

Haha, you ignorant cunts.
[OP here.]
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)19:52 UTC+1 No.892058 Report

For all the bad press Ryanair get, I've never had any issues with them. Easyjet are worse but seem to miss a lot of the stick.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)19:59 UTC+1 No.892060 Report

I have used them maybe 10 times and it's usually for short flights (UK to RoI) with no problem. I have regularly seen people's hand luggage being weighed and inspected and fees levied, so they do take that stuff seriously. The major problem I have had with them, as some anons have mentioned, is delays. Being a budget airline doesn't just mean they make you pay for snacks, it means they have fewer replacement staff and airlines available so if something goes wrong you will probably have to wait longer than you would flying with a "legacy" carrier. I've had the same problem flying with budget airlines in the United States.
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)21:16 UTC+1 No.892086 Report
File: 1402913617222.jpg-(125x112)
its cheap and terrible, but...
its cheap and terrible, but yeah taking extra bag with you is alright. at least next to that prize, as long as you dont take much with you
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)22:29 UTC+1 No.892107 Report

You know why Ryanair sucks? It's because you expect them to be like other, non-budget, airlines. I've flown with around 30 airlines now and I don't see a big difference between the shitty American airlines like United. In fact, the flight with Aeroflot was much better than either of those.

I'm the kind of person though who doesn't expect much going in, I only use it as a service to get from point a to point b. If you expect more, maybe you should fucking spend some more money on a regular airline.
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