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Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)16:56 UTC+1 No.888305 Report

What's the deal on shit like super-cheap standby flights, basically a myth?

Any other method like that for getting super cheap flights if they're last minute or don't care that much where they're going?
STICKY 08/17/14(Sun)18:03 UTC+1 No.888331 Report

1. Standby. If you saw something on TV or in a movie about showing up at the airport and trying to bargain your way onto the plane, you're hearing about something that was sometimes true under limited circumstances about 30+ years ago. There is such a thing as "flying standby" but it doesn't mean what you think it means. In the modern era it normally describes standing by when you hold an existing ticket for another journey on the same route (not all tickets/airlines/routes/circumstances allow this), or employee pass travel. If you don't know if your ticket allows standby, read the fare rules.
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)18:23 UTC+1 No.888334 Report

not op but
I am quite interested about cheap flights where i dont really care that much where they go. Any advices?
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)18:37 UTC+1 No.888340 Report

Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)18:40 UTC+1 No.888343 Report

>What's the deal on shit like super-cheap standby flights, basically a myth?

No, but you need to work for an airline or have close friends who work at an airline to qualify for it.
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)18:58 UTC+1 No.888353 Report


this is great, thank you
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)00:02 UTC+1 No.888456 Report


not that guy but also on skyscanner you can change the destination to 'everywhere' and set the time to all month or year. It shows the cheapest flights first
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)18:47 UTC+1 No.888808 Report

paid $60 for a flight from LA to NY. my gf's moms boyfriend works for an airline and gave us buddy passes, but we were on standby, so if anyone had purchased seats we wouldn't have made the flight.
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)20:05 UTC+1 No.888838 Report

I used to do this all the time from LA to Boston on Northwest Airlines when my sister worked for them. I almost always got bumped from my connecting flight in Detroit and had to spend the night in the airport more than once.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)05:03 UTC+1 No.889062 Report

>TFW I used to have standby passed because a buddy worked for an airline... But he switched jobs and I lost them
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