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Anonymous 08/03/14(Sun)22:37 UTC+1 No.882446 Report

Whats the best job to do a course on so i can get a job in an english speaking country. hmm
Anonymous 08/04/14(Mon)01:22 UTC+1 No.882494 Report

dear asshat,

there are several english speaking countries. the three largest of which cover approximately 30 million square kilometers. that's about triple the size of europe(using the standard definition that splits russia) or a little under double the size of south america.

assuming you are speaking of the rich white english speaking countries then it greatly depends. All of them could probably use engineers that specialize in carbon extraction. Also, doctors trained in first world universities are always in demand.

in terms of middling levels of education you shouldn't really bother. If you are traveling on a working holiday visa just jump on the first white collar job you can get hired for and bust your balls. And two years of hard work might get you moved up enough to have a legit shot at emigration.

though if you are lazy, dumb, or not willing to work 60 hours a week for 40 hours a week of pay, don't bother. you don't have a chance. just get a job at a bar and party for two years like all the aussie transients do.

if you are traveling illegally you have no real option. just join the rows upon rows of wetbacks and philippinos(asian mexicans) picking vegetables in the field or efficiently operated fast food joints(white english speakers tend to consider ourselves too good for minimum wage).
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