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/trv/ - Travel - Where should I study abroad to?

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Where should I study abroad to? OP 08/28/14(Thu)17:24 UTC+1 No.892742 Report

Okay, so I'm finishing up some gen eds and plan on graduating in December...and due to some accountomancy on my part, I can take classes in the spring. So I'm gonna study abroad.
The brochure talks about going to Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, singa, Italy and Spain. I don't know if you can see the pic, so that's why the wall of text. (1st time posting a cam pic with this phone)
I'm feeling england or ireland myself, mostly because I really only know english. Don't feel too comfortable going to latin america or spain because I'm dark-skinned, and I've heard stories. ..
That's why I'm here - I know only of hitchhiking within the states, so I'm a travel newbie. Where do you recommend I go? How are my snap prejudices of these countries wrong? (Because I can't help but to feel they may be. I'm a paranoid fuck at times) If you can't see the dates, let me know and I'll post them.
OP 08/28/14(Thu)17:26 UTC+1 No.892744 Report

>pic posts upside down
I meant Singapore. I'm sorry, everyone - it's one of those weeks for me.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)17:34 UTC+1 No.892749 Report

Why doesn't it have the cities? Countries like Brazil are insanely huge and have multiple vastly different cities. I am currently studying abroad in South America and it is awesome. I've been to Brazil and Peru to visit and they're both really cool countries.
Kwai Puak 08/28/14(Thu)17:41 UTC+1 No.892751 Report

ok, bit confused. You are going for the full spring semester. The pic you included are 2-4week winter and summer break courses.
They are also specific things like sustainability or culture.
What about the ones you listed?
Do you have a list of that info or give me your University's name and I can read on my own.
Also, dark skinned, meaning black orrrr?
What cultures interest you?
Know that cost of living are going to be way different in Peru and Guatemala vs Australia and Ireland.
Anonymous 08/28/14(Thu)22:22 UTC+1 No.892810 Report

You should study abroad to some place that will teach you about prepositions, and where to place them a sentence in.

FWIW, the few places I've been in South America have impressed me as being much less worried about skin color than most other places I've been in the world.
OP 08/28/14(Thu)22:53 UTC+1 No.892827 Report

my bad. Each program is tied to the universities, I was just posting on my phone and didn't feel confident I could

do the legwork and post at the same time without it (or my fat fingers) screwing it up.
the ones pictured with the globe by the "program area" entry aren't major specific. It's easier to say which

programs are major specific.

>be prepared for a wall of text
OP 08/28/14(Thu)22:59 UTC+1 No.892830 Report

Both Australia programs are tied to Box Hill Institute in Melbourne, but the topmost (or in the case of my original pic, bottommost) one isn't so much major specific as it is GPA specific (2.5+ GPA, get $1500)
The First Brazil program, the Agricultureal and Culture one is mainly tied to UFLA
>the Universidade Federal de Lavras
but you tour nearby historical towns and sites, as well as ones arond Rio and talk to local farmers. It's Agrcultural Science major-intensive...yes, I live in Iowa.
The second one, the "US-Brazil connect" is basically an education internship where you're paired with a local Brazillian high school
I have nothing on the China one - the school itself doesn't know :/
The first Costa Rica program is basically in San José
The second one is on a reserve and the site notes that "Students must be able to walk four to five miles daily."
The England program starts at Warwickshire College and ends in Old London
The Germany program looks like we'll be around Stuttgart, and maybe geared towards engineering majors.
The Guatemala program looks like we'd be just "peace corps"-ing some 3rd world town.
The India program states that the participants will, I quote "stay on the grounds of the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple School in Faridabad, India."
The first Ireland program is basically around Carlingford.
The second Ireland program is an Irish Culture program that is a bit looser and has us going all over Ireland (Boyne Valley,Hill of Tara, The Aran Islands, Tully Cross just to name a few)
The Italy program is in Rome
The Peru program just says I'm gonna be a volunteer "participating in easy and open cultural exchange with local people." Maybe we'll be in Lima...though chances are we'll be in the cloud forest somewhere.
Like with the China page, the Spain page lacks specifics. Bummer, as I had a friend who studied abroad in Spain for 10 weeks and she loved it.
OP 08/28/14(Thu)23:04 UTC+1 No.892831 Report

>...and due to some accountomancy on my part, I can take classes in the spring
> in the spring
>[original pic]
allow me to explain myself
I'm looking at the 2-4 week courses. The due dates on the summer ones are december 15th, and the winter ones' due dates are Oct. 3 - as long as I register for it all before this semester ends, which is conveniently within the range of all relevant due dates, I can snag them along with my spring classes. I don't feel like I have nearly enough experience to spend longer than a month overseas, though I bet I'd miss my host family something fierce.
I looked up the info and posted at least the cities for another poster, but you can find stuff on teh study aboead site. https://kirkwood.studioabroad.com/
>yes, I know I go to a 2 year. I'm taking care of gen eds. I already have everything else I need to get a BS in Biology from my real 4-year university.

Yes, meaning black. Though really only skin-deep; personality-wise I'm nothing like that.

I kinda would like to go to Europe. I mean, I went and visited family in Tanzania when I was a kid, and so had a stopover in Amsterdam, but I never got to leave the airport. This would, really, be the only time I'd have an excuse to go. Hell, I'd be really excited to go to Germany if I knew the language (even taking a semester of german in the spring ain't gonna prepare me for it). I'd want to see china as well, but If they don't know now where I'd be put it doesn't sound like a good idea to go. Plus, I feel like one of the few people on earth that would enjoy the mild, rainy weather of the english isles.

Cost of living Differences: duly noted, with the understanding that I cannot truly understand them until I have experienced them.
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