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/sft/ RIP in Pieces Edition
/sft/ RIP in Pieces Edition Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)02:38 UTC+1 No.64996241 Report

Well we had a nice thread that went on for a while didnt we gents? Hopefully we can keep the longer survival rate up by following the same guidelines. Shitposters stay back on go to places such as >>>/soc/
Gay Shit & ERPers: figure it out man, theres plenty of others places for you we just went friends to play vidya on steam with here. Save the erotic stories and such for your steam friend convos.

Post your steam ID, make friends to play vidya with.
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)02:45 UTC+1 No.64996709 Report

Anime, video games, and stuff
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)02:53 UTC+1 No.64997368 Report

I don't play much vidya anymore but I am learning to program c++ and I like discussing/sharing music.
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)02:57 UTC+1 No.64997619 Report


I've been playing plague inc nonstop

please help
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)02:57 UTC+1 No.64997675 Report


>tfw no qt adds
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)03:02 UTC+1 No.64998010 Report

maybe if you had multiplayer games
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)03:04 UTC+1 No.64998129 Report


I have plenty of multiplayer games.
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)03:07 UTC+1 No.64998381 Report

I'd add you, but I'm no qt
Good taste in vidya, though
Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)03:09 UTC+1 No.64998465 Report


Anonymous 04/10/14(Thu)03:10 UTC+1 No.64998531 Report


You should still add me
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