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Amatuer game dev general
Amatuer game dev general Amatuer game development general 04/16/14(Wed)05:45 UTC+1 No.65546445 Report

What ever happened those amateur game dev general threads?

You people still coding games and stuff? How's it going?
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)05:50 UTC+1 No.65546794 Report

I have a barebones, ugly, but working sprite manager in javascript going. Going to go use, break, and fix it.
SirPrize 04/16/14(Wed)06:00 UTC+1 No.65547379 Report

Yeah, just been busy
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)06:20 UTC+1 No.65548514 Report

Hey guys. I don't know how many times you've been asked this, but I know nothing of coding. But I'm a writer as a hobby and I think making games in GameMaker would be hella fun.
What's the best language to learn if I want to do that?
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)06:22 UTC+1 No.65548638 Report


You don't need a language. Just download it and read the manual. It will teach you basic logic and syntax, which is all you need.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)06:31 UTC+1 No.65549152 Report

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