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Elder Scrolls Online General...
Elder Scrolls Online General -- esog DO NOT DELETE edition Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)05:45 UTC+1 No.69169272 Report

Stop deleting our fucking thread General

Latest Patch Notes

>What is ESO?
Take Elder Scrolls and slap it into a DAOC inspired MMO. It's got siege PvP zone and a quest based PvE. If you are looking for something a little different as far current MMO's go it's worth a try.

>Is it fun?
You'll see a lot of shitposts about it but the general consensus is that it's an average MMO, it's enjoyable and it depends on how it turns out to see if its a worthwhile investment.

>Will You PAY to PLAY ESO?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRz3QuA6A9Q [Embed] [Embed] (Breakdown of Pros and Cons from a long time beta tester)

>New Improved FAQ
(General FAQ) http://pastebin.com/SDLvraJY
(Tips and Tricks) http://pastebin.com/pLxneg1K
(Add-on Opinions/Recommendations soon)
>Cinematic Trailers
Part 1: Alliances
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jNT5cMwxw0 [Embed] [Embed]
Part 2: Arrival
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zvJl0YpWaM [Embed] [Embed]
Part 3: Siege
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MySC13H_2cE] [Embed] [Embed]

<Goodbye Bedroll> (NA) - DC PM @Salzor
<No Fun Allowed> (NA) - EP PM @Autistic/@Salzor
<Muh Lore> (EU) DC/EP/AD PM @Clocksstoppe/@LordJamex
<Advanced Idea Mechanics> Blacksmith Guild PM @LordLuciPurr
>Steam group
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)06:00 UTC+1 No.69170140 Report

so uh.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)06:28 UTC+1 No.69171817 Report

Um, what?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)06:30 UTC+1 No.69171912 Report


Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)06:55 UTC+1 No.69173278 Report

I hear they made an Elder Scrolls MMO.

I bet it has dragons.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:03 UTC+1 No.69173720 Report

>implying the thread was deleted

the game is fucking dead. Zenimax butchered the launch and the game is dying because of it.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:32 UTC+1 No.69175217 Report


launch wasn't that bad
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:36 UTC+1 No.69175429 Report

Game isn't dying dying because of launch or anything
It's just that MMO's in general are fucking ded
TESO has stable population which will probably never reach WoW levels and it's going to be one of thousand MMO's that no one really cares about but it's just there to make okay profit for publisher
like SWOTR basically
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:37 UTC+1 No.69175502 Report

Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:39 UTC+1 No.69175585 Report


>duping exploits
>people's banks getting wiped
>many dungeons not working (some public dungeons don't work to this day)
>people unable to progress through main questline because of bugs
>people exploiting to VR10 in a matter of hours
>vampire emperors soloing zergs
>PVP campaigns basically lopsided for one alliance or another and all are farming campaigns and no real PVP takes place.
>waves of bans that got a lot of innocent people
>HUGE Chinkbot problem that continues to this day
>public delves all camped by dozens of chink templars

Launch was one of the worst in MMO history.

WoW launch, AoC launch are comparably bad launches, with FFXIV's initial launch being the absolute worst.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:51 UTC+1 No.69176256 Report

Is it worth bothering with f2p at this point for zenimax?
I have suspicion they will just quietly shut it down, perhaps after 6 months someone will notice it.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)07:56 UTC+1 No.69176467 Report


There are plenty of people playing it dude

They're not going to pull the plug on it
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:00 UTC+1 No.69176660 Report

>There are plenty of people playing it dude

Yep that's why this thread is so alive.
Wait, it's not but only because players are in the game and not on 4chan.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:03 UTC+1 No.69176780 Report


Most /v/irgins and /vg/ers are underage and/or poor, and you need a credit card to play this game, so of course it's going to be dead here.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:05 UTC+1 No.69176889 Report

hurr durr it has nothing to do with the game being shit.
You're in denial.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:11 UTC+1 No.69177167 Report

>other MMO threads are okay, be it f2p or p2p
>hurr they poor
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:16 UTC+1 No.69177430 Report


The only people who think the game is shit are people who have never played before
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:18 UTC+1 No.69177535 Report

>no one has ever cancelled their subscription.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:23 UTC+1 No.69177785 Report

>other mmo threads
they're all pretty dead except for wildstar because they are still in hype mode. a month from now it will be a ghosttown when everyone unsubs and forgets about it.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:32 UTC+1 No.69178175 Report

Unfortunately this thread gets trolled a lot by people from /tesg/ who can't afford to play. Why do you thing this thread exists separate from /tesg/? If there ever was a thread that needed new life it's /tesg/.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:38 UTC+1 No.69178457 Report

One of the /tesg/ regulars brags about being /vg/ janitor. That's probably why this thread gets deleted so often.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:38 UTC+1 No.69178475 Report

Repeating the same shit doesn't make it more true.

I don't hate it because I can't afford it. I played it and refuse to fund the pile of steaming shit that has been pushed solely by the reputation of the offline game.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:52 UTC+1 No.69179072 Report

I'm not convinced. If you simply didn't like the game, you wouldn't be here trolling our thread. Yet here you are. For what purpose?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)08:56 UTC+1 No.69179284 Report

M8 I don't have to prove anything to you. You're the one making the assertion that people are 'mad' about not being able to afford the $15 fee, totally absurd and you have no proof for it.

But you have to stick to that idea or else how would you explain how dead this place is.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:08 UTC+1 No.69179802 Report

It's not me that you have to prove something to. It's everyone else who reads the thread. All I have to do is raise questions you can't answer about your motives and any point you try to make becomes suspect.
That's how this works.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:14 UTC+1 No.69180051 Report

No you're the one making an assertion. That's how this works if you didn't know.

Why is your general so shit?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:20 UTC+1 No.69180326 Report

Lol, you came here to troll and you're getting trolled instead.
You're clearly out of your league.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:22 UTC+1 No.69180376 Report

>The general is getting shitted up
>somehow that means you're winning
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:28 UTC+1 No.69180616 Report

You've obviously been rendered mad. That makes it worthwhile.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:30 UTC+1 No.69180708 Report

>implying that you're not the one who's mad
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:39 UTC+1 No.69181032 Report

I played the beta a ton, but avoided preorders and the shit-tastic launch.

Should I buy now Y/N?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:41 UTC+1 No.69181102 Report


Sure only if you play for AD though

kitties and elves
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:43 UTC+1 No.69181204 Report

lol no just watch some reviews. Majority say it's overpriced for an average game. Not worth the sub fee. It's a scam based off of the reputation of previous elder scrolls titles.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:54 UTC+1 No.69181617 Report


Elves forced by queen to stand equal with beast race.

Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)09:56 UTC+1 No.69181664 Report


Literally dead game stop fucking making these u faggot
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)10:02 UTC+1 No.69181923 Report

>you babbies are actually so mad about your thread being dead and your game being a pile of shit that you're sitting in here coming up with conspiracy theories about janitors deleting your threads because they can't afford to play the game
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)11:25 UTC+1 No.69185270 Report

Speaking of trolls. I have found these particularly difficult to kill. They don't seem to be especially susceptible to fire like those in Skyrim.

Any tips on fighting these?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)11:42 UTC+1 No.69185820 Report

interrupt the heal
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)14:47 UTC+1 No.69193907 Report

Are you implying ESO will go F2P ?
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)14:49 UTC+1 No.69193993 Report

Come on, anon, you can't begin to tell the truth here, you'd hurt too much people...
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)14:57 UTC+1 No.69194358 Report

nice samefag poorfag
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)14:57 UTC+1 No.69194360 Report

Dat alma.
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)15:18 UTC+1 No.69195414 Report


Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)15:21 UTC+1 No.69195532 Report


my god the fucking excuses these fanbois come up with are fucking priceless
Anonymous 05/27/14(Tue)15:25 UTC+1 No.69195741 Report

gaem is cash money fun
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