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Hearthstone general /hsg/
Hearthstone general /hsg/ Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:03 UTC+1 No.70350689 Report

le herthstoen general fayce
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:05 UTC+1 No.70350779 Report
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first for not balanced
first for not balanced
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:28 UTC+1 No.70351884 Report
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You guys hype for E3?
You guys hype for E3?
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:28 UTC+1 No.70351887 Report

third for fuck leeroy
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:29 UTC+1 No.70351930 Report
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Fourth for Friendly Reminder.
Fourth for Friendly Reminder.
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:31 UTC+1 No.70352050 Report
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Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:32 UTC+1 No.70352102 Report

>making such a shit thread

Getting started?



>Decklists, news, anime, cards etc :

>Arena Stat Tracking
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:34 UTC+1 No.70352191 Report

hamster broccoli?
rodent vegetable?
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)14:44 UTC+1 No.70352704 Report

fuck you op


migrate to non-shit thread
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)15:00 UTC+1 No.70353452 Report

who even cares reddit has a way better guide for new players anyways
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