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About Possible Mega Leaks JamesBond 11/18/14(Tue)01:48 UTC+1 No.21751116 Report

Hello /vp/. lately alot of "leaks" have been happening. Some of you want the leakers to reveal more Megas....but that isn't likely. No, I'm not a datafag, Hoenn is big. You have one hour to find as many mega stones as you can(implying it's the same as X&Y) therefore it isn't really likely that you would find one of the hidden Mega Stones anyways. I just wanted to put it out there so people don't get disappointed if leakersstart saying the haven't found any more Megas.
Anonymous 11/18/14(Tue)09:28 UTC+1 No.21758850 Report

You don't understand how that shit works
Anonymous 11/18/14(Tue)02:23 UTC+1 No.21751860 Report

I don't even care about megas I just want to see the post-game. Is the Resort a Frontier or is it another goddamn Tower reskin?
JamesBond 11/18/14(Tue)01:57 UTC+1 No.21751309 Report

Anonymous 11/18/14(Tue)02:18 UTC+1 No.21751773 Report

You say that like we know that the method of finding Mega Stones in ORAS is the same as XY. For all you know, it could have changed to something else.
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