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What are some threads that you...
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:00 UTC+1 No.20724266 Report

What are some threads that you automatically hide?
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:01 UTC+1 No.20724270 Report

This one
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:01 UTC+1 No.20724273 Report

Female Goodra, Showderp, WFG... I think that's all.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:01 UTC+1 No.20724275 Report

This thread.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:01 UTC+1 No.20724278 Report

Careful OP, this thread's next.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:02 UTC+1 No.20724284 Report

Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:02 UTC+1 No.20724287 Report
File: filter.jpg-(70x125)
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:02 UTC+1 No.20724289 Report

tho whole board
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:02 UTC+1 No.20724292 Report

>when filtering exists
Nearly everything to do with Giveaways, Anime Threads, CYOA threads, fanfic general and Friend Safari threads
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:03 UTC+1 No.20724312 Report
File: image.jpg-(125x125)
Shiny hunt weekendFor what...
Shiny hunt weekend

For what reason do those thread exist for? Hell at least showderp is for shits and giggles, but a general about masuda method circlejerking?
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)21:04 UTC+1 No.20724317 Report

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