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/vr/ Drinking Games Anonymous 09/20/14(Sat)15:27 UTC+1 No.1952189 Report

It's the weekend /vr/, and I plan on getting drunk. WHO'S WITH ME BOYS!?

ITT: We discuss /vr/ related drinking games that we play, have played, or have ideas for.

I'll start.

>everyone starts with a fresh drink and re-ups when necessary
>pick any 2-D platformer (my friends and I usually go with one of the DKC games)
>start a new single player game
>pass the controller once you complete a level or die
>if you complete a level, everyone else takes a drink
>if you die, only you take a drink
>if there is a Game Over, everyone finishes their drinks
>no replaying completed levels
>play until you can't
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