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Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)04:54 UTC+1 No.1711561 Report

Anyone still hangout in Neopia?
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:08 UTC+1 No.1711583 Report

lol wow, they never updated that site?
I might have to check it out then...
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:11 UTC+1 No.1711593 Report

Neopets was me and my friend's lives for half a year or so.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:12 UTC+1 No.1711598 Report

My pet could beat up your pet
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:15 UTC+1 No.1711605 Report

Let's go then, send me a BD challenge!
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:26 UTC+1 No.1711628 Report

>Not knowing that neopets were created by the Co$
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:30 UTC+1 No.1711640 Report

give me 5 hours to figure out my name/pw
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:39 UTC+1 No.1711654 Report


Thought it was created by two random British college students??
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:47 UTC+1 No.1711669 Report

Wasn't it created by some people at some university as a thing to chill out with while not studying?
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:51 UTC+1 No.1711682 Report


Yeah, pretty sure the website was created by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in 1999 to "keep university students entertained, and possibly make some cash from banner advertising." According to the Wiki at least.
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)05:56 UTC+1 No.1711693 Report

That's the story
Anonymous 06/24/14(Tue)06:26 UTC+1 No.1711750 Report

>Chose THAT cool dinosaur as my pet
>leave for a while because i forgot about it
>come back, now my dinosaur is some smug, cute dragon
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