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¡HELP! Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)07:09 UTC+1 No.1615880 Report

¿how do beat?
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)07:13 UTC+1 No.1615885 Report

Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)07:17 UTC+1 No.1615895 Report

Don't play rogue.
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)09:16 UTC+1 No.1615951 Report

To defeat the butcher, click him until he dies
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)11:56 UTC+1 No.1616116 Report


Best advice ever. :D
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)14:12 UTC+1 No.1616230 Report

I always played rogue and trapped him in the stairs down to the next level. Tedious but certain.
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)14:18 UTC+1 No.1616239 Report

Killing these little guys is so satisfying. It's like I can almost feel it.
3x3 05/12/14(Mon)14:22 UTC+1 No.1616241 Report

depends on your class.
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)14:35 UTC+1 No.1616256 Report

Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)14:48 UTC+1 No.1616264 Report

1. Get a scroll of wall of fire
2. Open his door, cast it, shut door quickly
3. If he dies, he dies, if he doesn't click on him until he does, he should be pretty weak now
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)14:49 UTC+1 No.1616268 Report

Warrior: click him until he dies.

Rogue: aggro him, lock yourself behind a door you can shoot through, then click him until he dies.

Sorcerer: Open the door into his room, cast Fire Wall, close the door.
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)16:19 UTC+1 No.1616389 Report

Any class:
take a bow, open the door, get behind a grated wall and close the door behind you. Watch Butcher stagger uselessly as you slowly poke him to death.
you can also lock him on the stairs leading down for the same result. It's arguably trickier.
make sure to have a shield. Faster weapons are good to prevent stun-lock. Bring a whole row of health potions. If you manage to drop a low-level unique item Civerb's Cudgel early (which is very lucky), you should be fine.
any of the bow methods
if you had a scroll of firewall drop, you're lucky - cast it on the exit to his chamber and have him fry (might take more than one firewall to finish him off though). Otherwise pick a bow and use it along with your mana reserves.

Taking him in an open fight is ill-advised unless you dropped some really good items.

He's pretty bad relatively on Nightmare and Hell difficulties where you will have better items.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)07:02 UTC+1 No.1618245 Report

>, get behind a grated wall and close the door behind you
He can open door. And run fast.
Install Diablo The Hell and wait till life stealing superaxe drops on 1st lvl of dungeon, then kill the beast!
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:18 UTC+1 No.1620456 Report

Warrior doesn't need a single potion against the Butcher. The most important thing to do with a starting Warrior is to maximize your dexterity before raising any other stat, which will maximize your blocking percentage. Once you've maximized your dexterity, the butcher should be a piece of cake.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:24 UTC+1 No.1620464 Report

Ralph pls go
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:28 UTC+1 No.1620469 Report


Clear ALL of level 1 and 2 before fighting him. Get a fast weapon, and have tons of health potions.

Or you could go the "little bitch route" like all these other anons.
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