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Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)08:00 UTC+1 No.1925046 Report

Has anyone played the sit down version of out run? I played it this weekend and it cranks a 10/10 game right to 11, the speakers right behind your head showering you with magical sound, and the cabinet moving with every turn. Every /vr/ trooper needs to experience this cab.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)08:22 UTC+1 No.1925063 Report

The first Virtua Fighter cab cost a fortune to build because of the sheer size of the rear projection screen and the unusually high resolution. But remember, HDTV did not exist at the time. Nor did screens that big on any other arcade cab. So to see it sitting in the middle of an arcade looking insanely better and more advanced than anything around it was like receiving a gift from the future. It's right up there with the astonishment of seeing Dragon's Lair before you realized it was just a branching movie, or seeing Holoseum games before you figured out how not fun they were to play.
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