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Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)02:03 UTC+1 No.1765936 Report

How faithful are these to the original controllers?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)02:09 UTC+1 No.1765953 Report

>Four extra buttons
>curves instead of traditionalpain-grip rectangular shape
>entirly different D-pad

I'd say they were nearly identical, OP.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)02:15 UTC+1 No.1765963 Report

You've never seen a famicom controller, now have you?
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)02:18 UTC+1 No.1765974 Report

You forgot
>cord from the top and not from the side
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)04:38 UTC+1 No.1766391 Report

But you're probably gonna go ahead and buy it anyway. Your loss.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)04:54 UTC+1 No.1766425 Report

Uh, how much experience do you have with reproduced controllers? I recently got a Buffalo USB SNES controller and it was pretty damn close to the original. Only difference is the weight.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)09:58 UTC+1 No.1766883 Report

I have a USB pad very similar to this made by Elecom and a Famicom to compare it with. Obviously it's got the extra X/Y buttons, auto, and clear, and it also has shoulder buttons that are flush with and blend into the rim near the bottom. The feel is similar; although the USB pad definitely weighs a little bit less. As for the buttons, start/select are slanted on the Elecom, more like SNES. The d-pad is a smidge smaller and buttons are springier with more travel. You can push the d-pad down in the middle. My pad even has the cord coming out of the side, and although I don't think it feels as nice to use as a real Famicom controller for 400 yen I'm not complaining. It's like they aimed to make a controller with the same feel that can also be used for SNES and other systems needing the extra buttons.
Anonymous 07/14/14(Mon)16:07 UTC+1 No.1767275 Report

If you buy one, OP, check it's legit. I bought two from a Chinese seller and they have the same serial. Fake as shit.

To be fair, it still works the same.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)00:31 UTC+1 No.1768321 Report

>A and B are switched
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)04:26 UTC+1 No.1768948 Report

They make bootlegs of the Buffalo pads?
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)04:30 UTC+1 No.1768954 Report

Don't understand why anyone would opt for a famicom/nes controller , especially a repro. One of the most uncomfortable controllers ever
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)04:31 UTC+1 No.1768958 Report

Drives me up the goddamn wall. I have a t-shirt with an NES pad on it, LICENSED BY NINTENDO, EVEN, and the GODDAMN BUTTONS ARE WRONG.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)09:01 UTC+1 No.1769472 Report

To be fair, the Famicom controller is INFINITELY more comfortable than the NES controller. Don't know what they were thinking giving that thing those corners.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)20:43 UTC+1 No.1770654 Report

people honestly bitch about this far too often. never in all my years have I had an issue with the nes controller corners.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)20:44 UTC+1 No.1770661 Report

Turbo buttons are for bitch ass niggas.
Anonymous 07/15/14(Tue)23:34 UTC+1 No.1771292 Report

that's true.

as a sidenote, I like how on the super advantage you can press the slow button to power through all the bullshit when you lose on street fighter 2. I just got one and I fucking love that thing.
Anonymous 07/16/14(Wed)07:43 UTC+1 No.1772752 Report

I got one some time ago, played shovel knight with it for the past few weeks. Seems fine to me.
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