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Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:08 UTC+1 No.1745197 Report

How should I play the retro SMT games /vr/?

I've never played a single one, but love rpgs, so I feel I should give them a play.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:13 UTC+1 No.1745207 Report

Download SMT1 from /smtg/ on /vg/. It has some bug fixes and stuff that you're going to want. If it's not clicking, then move on to SMT2 as it's much better, gameplay wise.

If you have a 3DS and don't mind dropping some dosh, buy Soul Hackers. Don't expect bells and whistles--it's very much a straight port of the PSX game with some extras.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:16 UTC+1 No.1745223 Report

Well, there's the official localization of SMT1 on android I believe, it's a weird mishmash of the console versions, but it shouldn't have the potentially game killing bug that the fan translation has on SNES.

Play SMT2 after that, since it is hooked into it story wise, and also because of some slight changes to mechanics that you'll be thankful for after the first one that'll make it hard to go back.

After those, then play SMT:if, it's an alternate reality retelling of SMT1. I do not believe this is in english.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:17 UTC+1 No.1745224 Report

get the iOS/Android port of SMT1
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:24 UTC+1 No.1745249 Report

Yo, I forgot about this. OP, do this shit. I thought it was iOS only, though? If it's Android now, that's awesome, because I'm planning on going that route with a new phone.

Anyway, as far as I know, it's the version that takes the best gameplay features and implements them. The only issue I heard is that the translation is a little dry if you're used to Aeon Genesis.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:25 UTC+1 No.1745254 Report

I definitely would, but I don't have either an android or IOS device.

Flip phone m-masterrace right guys...
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:50 UTC+1 No.1745324 Report

As far as I know it's iOS only. Because of lazy Atlus, it's actually the GBA remake translated and wrapped in an emulator so ripping the ROM from it would just take a little effort, though I dont think anybody's done it.
As far as answering the OP, good route would be to test the waters and play a little of each and move back and finish them. They all take a couple hours to get to the action, so try not to get turned off at the start. If you aren't opposed to a little help maybe have a FAQ at hand for 1&2, mostly 1 because there's quite a few spots where you'll be stuck without a single lead on where to go.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:00 UTC+1 No.1745340 Report


My mistake. There is an Android version but no English version for it yet. Also it's actually the GBA version with PS1 music so it's a quite alright version.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:01 UTC+1 No.1745342 Report

>tfw I try to avoid looking at my phone when other people are around
>tfw I can't use my phone emulate RPGs/SRPGs which would be perfect for me to play during work breaks

It takes me like 10 minutes to eat lunch, and for the remaining 20 minutes I'm at work, it's boring as fuck if I'm not half way asleep.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:05 UTC+1 No.1745350 Report
File: 1.jpg-(96x125)
>>1745342>The sound...
>The sound it makes when you're texting someone.

They all judge me. I know they do.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:13 UTC+1 No.1745369 Report

/smtg/ has a couple guides you can check out for which games to play first, if you're not going to just limit yourself to the retro ones. If I recall, SMT I's patch doesn't work well with some emulators, so just watch out for that if you're emulating.

Since you've never played a single SMT before, I'll just tell you that in SMT, fuse your demons and use buffs. Grinding can work like most RPGs, but it's smarter and more in the spirit of SMT to use demon fusion.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)03:07 UTC+1 No.1745683 Report


I second Soul Hackers on the 3DS, it's one of the few older games in the series that got localized, besides the early Persona on PS1.
it's actuall a spinoff, Devil Summoner, but it plays a lot like the early SMT.
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