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Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:21 UTC+1 No.1620545 Report

I'm looking for games that kick into high gear the moment you press start. I don't want any of this "just wait it gets better", slow-build up stuff. I want games that grab you by the balls and don't let go until you die. I don't necessarily mean games that are balls hard on the first screen because it throws a hail of bullets at you. I'm more looking for games that don't waste any time throwing you into cool scenarios where you get to do badass shit.

Basically I want to feel like Milhouse when he boots up Bonestorm. Got anything like that in mind?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:23 UTC+1 No.1620551 Report

Alien Soldier. It's literally just boss fight after boss fight after boss fight and it never slows down.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:25 UTC+1 No.1620557 Report

Contra Hardcorps is Party Payback Time.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:25 UTC+1 No.1620558 Report


Sounds sweet. I'll check it out.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:25 UTC+1 No.1620559 Report

Bonestorm is basically Mortal Kombat

Probably arcade games or post arcade games are best for having the shortest hooks.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:31 UTC+1 No.1620570 Report

Ikaruga lulls you into a false sense of security with a really serene and peaceful opening, but then cranks it to 11 when the real level begins. The opening takes like 10 seconds, don't worry.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:32 UTC+1 No.1620575 Report


Ikaruga's hook is boring compared to DoDonPachi's. Now THAT'S a game that gets off to a fast start.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:33 UTC+1 No.1620576 Report

Afterburner 2
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:35 UTC+1 No.1620583 Report

I was just going to post this. Fits the criteria perfectly.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:51 UTC+1 No.1620619 Report


Ladies, please. You know nothing about hype shmup intro stages: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQuFoUdjvcs

I mean, look at this! It's practically chaos after the first wave of enemies alone!
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)06:58 UTC+1 No.1620634 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)07:15 UTC+1 No.1620661 Report

Castlevania games, namely Rondo of Blood.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)07:17 UTC+1 No.1620665 Report


Symphony of the Night has a pretty bitchin' opening.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)07:24 UTC+1 No.1620682 Report

call of duty: modern warfare 2
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)07:40 UTC+1 No.1620720 Report

Pretty much any decent arcade game.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)09:37 UTC+1 No.1620853 Report

Dead Connection is really cool. It plays from sort of a third person perspective, except the camera is fixed and you're free to run around the screen. You're a badass in a trench coat killing people left and right, diving all over the place, blowing shit up. It's a blast.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)14:20 UTC+1 No.1621094 Report

Cybernator SNES

>inb4 some 'sperg starts crying about Assault Suits Valken
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)14:23 UTC+1 No.1621097 Report

Contra Hard Corps hands down
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)14:30 UTC+1 No.1621110 Report

Always bet on Douk
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)14:47 UTC+1 No.1621123 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)15:11 UTC+1 No.1621148 Report



The first thing you see is a armored vehicle crash through a shit load of barricades and enemies. Then it crashes, and your character gets thrown out of the windshield and immediately starts shooting, and all that happens in just the first 5 seconds.
EVX 05/14/14(Wed)15:16 UTC+1 No.1621152 Report


Motherfucker, I came in here just to give you some love for posting Live House S.S.H..
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)18:39 UTC+1 No.1621396 Report

>The first thing you see is a armored vehicle crash through a shit load of barricades and enemies. Then it crashes, and your character gets thrown out of the windshield and immediately starts shooting, and all that happens in just the first 5 seconds.
And none of it is actual gameplay. And you have to sit through it every. single. time you restart.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)18:42 UTC+1 No.1621406 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:02 UTC+1 No.1621440 Report




But seriously, you niggers don't know how many toasters i have. Or VCRs. Also got luxury luggage full of meat up to my eyeballs like a baws.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:05 UTC+1 No.1621448 Report

Are there any bullet-hell shooters for the snes/sfc?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:06 UTC+1 No.1621449 Report

It's like 3 seconds you autist.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:15 UTC+1 No.1621470 Report


Like, every Genesis game.


Hard Corps is like this.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:16 UTC+1 No.1621472 Report

Game has too many interruptions in the action, from having to watch 20 second mid-boss intros to having to read the boss fight dialogue. If you want nonstop action, Contra III would be the better choice.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:21 UTC+1 No.1621484 Report

>will never see a new Contra game
konami why
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:22 UTC+1 No.1621485 Report

This pretty much, although III does have that one part with the napalm bombing in stage 1 and the enemy spawn ship in stage 3. Bah, just play Super C.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:23 UTC+1 No.1621490 Report

Rebirth was fantastic and released not that long ago.

Polite sage for non-retro.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:23 UTC+1 No.1621491 Report

I once got through Super C without losing a life. It's easy with Conta, but hell with Super C.
Too bad I didn't record anything ;_;
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:24 UTC+1 No.1621495 Report

Phalanx on Funny mode is pretty great. Otherwise not really, no. The bullet hell sub-genre was still forming during the SNES era.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:26 UTC+1 No.1621501 Report

If you have a Dreamcast, I highly recommend Canon Spike. It's Smash TV mixed with Streets of Rage.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:27 UTC+1 No.1621502 Report

Or you could just get this hack and play the far superior game with no interruptions.
It lets you skip the dumb mission briefings and speed through dialogue by holding B, among many other improvements.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:27 UTC+1 No.1621504 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:29 UTC+1 No.1621506 Report

Metal Slug X
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:29 UTC+1 No.1621508 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:30 UTC+1 No.1621510 Report

Why just Metal Slug X? Don't all of the Metal Slug games apply?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:30 UTC+1 No.1621512 Report

Take your pick from the many, many, many arcade scrolling shooters. Mars Matrix is a pretty good example.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:32 UTC+1 No.1621517 Report

Eh, the first is a bit slow to start. It has a very smooth difficulty difficulty curve compared to the other games. The first mission in 3 is really slow, painfully so if you're playing for score.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:34 UTC+1 No.1621528 Report

Star Force
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:34 UTC+1 No.1621529 Report

Gunforce 2
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)19:43 UTC+1 No.1621545 Report

Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)20:23 UTC+1 No.1621636 Report

Why am I the only one that ever mentions Adventures of Batman & Robin for the Genesis? It's the most relentless action game on the system.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)20:31 UTC+1 No.1621662 Report

I mention it if I'm talking about impressive graphics or music for the system.
The game has pretty mediocre gameplay, I think.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)20:35 UTC+1 No.1621672 Report

I don't see how anyone who likes action games could think that. The game is a 16-bit run n gunner with the intensity of a modern shmup. It's incredible.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)20:56 UTC+1 No.1621716 Report


Not that Anon, but that game is 2brutal4me
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)22:59 UTC+1 No.1621993 Report

The problem is levels stretch on for WAY too long. You're stuck fighting the same enemies the same way in the same environments over and over and over again, with very little variation, and it just doesn't feel like much thought was put into enemy placement or whatever.
Same goes for boss battles to a lesser extent. They drag a little bit.
If every area was about half as long and had most of the repetition stripped away, it would be an excellent game. As is, it's just kind of tedious and disappointing.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)23:40 UTC+1 No.1622082 Report

It's not that bad. At most the interruptions take like five seconds.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)23:56 UTC+1 No.1622112 Report

Yes, most interruptions aren't long, but there are too many and they are too frequent. Just when I'm starting to get in a flow, here comes another boss intro or dialogue scene.

I believe they added so many interruptions to artificially lengthen the game. But by doing so, they also killed much of the fun.

We play these types of games for an adrenaline rush, and we want to keep that adrenaline flowing for as long as we can. But with this game, the flow is constantly being interrupted. It's annoying, much like a cock tease.

Contra Hard Corps is an adrenaline tease. And that ain't cool.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)00:03 UTC+1 No.1622131 Report

There was just as much thought put into enemy placement as was in Smash TV. They throw a few weaker enemies at you, and a few seconds later some tougher enemies, and then a few more, with the idea being, unless you want a screen full of bad guys and bullets, you best get to kicking some ass in a hurry. It's exciting, and it's that way by design. I dare say it's the most exciting game on the Genesis. And that's saying something.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)00:39 UTC+1 No.1622205 Report

The F-Zero games definitely qualify, especially X for its nonexistent load times.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)00:45 UTC+1 No.1622215 Report

Tetris The Grandmaster
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)00:51 UTC+1 No.1622223 Report

Gunstar Heroes and Rapid Reload.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:05 UTC+1 No.1622245 Report

thats basically most games of that genre
Space Harrier, Super Thunder Blade etc
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:06 UTC+1 No.1622250 Report

My complaint is more with every single area lasting for much longer than it should have, not enemy placement being terrible or anything.
What I mean is that the ridiculous length of every area is something I could maybe forgive if the enemy placement were incredibly well thought out, but it's just sort of average.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:07 UTC+1 No.1622252 Report

i just saw a copy of thunderforce iv being sold for like 50 bucks on ebay.
truxton is like 20 bucks the minimum when a few years back it was like 5 bucks
Sparkster sold for like 90, are genesis games getting stuck in the nostalgia bubble now?
I thought it was only Nintendo fanboys that thought all their shit was gold
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:08 UTC+1 No.1622258 Report

>are genesis games getting stuck in the nostalgia bubble now?

No it's Nintendo collectors flocking to the Genesis because they've been told it's cheaper to collect for.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:15 UTC+1 No.1622271 Report

Super Contra
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:18 UTC+1 No.1622280 Report

It seems that every retro console is seeing a surge in prices on good games, even the Dreamcast. Just a couple years ago you could get Cannon Spike for $40, but now it'll cost you around $100. Zero Gunner 2 and Gunbird 2 have gone up quite a bit as well.

I think gamers are just burned out on modern AAA interactive films. They want to play some good video games again. And to do that you gotta go retro.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:20 UTC+1 No.1622283 Report

Other than the shmups level, the levels are actually average to below average in length. Perhaps you just feel they go on for too long because you don't enjoy the game.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:20 UTC+1 No.1622284 Report

Why don't any companies take advantage of that and do high quality rereleases of good old games?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:20 UTC+1 No.1622286 Report

i guess so, kinda sucks though, i liked buying cheap copies of games to enjoy but I feel a lot of it is just rebuyers as well.
Ill never own a copy of MUSHA or Yu Yu Hakusho Makyotetsuen
unless i buy a reproduction but i dont know how i should feel about those
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:21 UTC+1 No.1622287 Report

This is one of few horror games that's actually scary. I remember nearly shitting myself every time Jason comes on screen.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:21 UTC+1 No.1622289 Report

>I think gamers are just burned out on modern AAA interactive films. They want to play some good video games again. And to do that you gotta go retro.

Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:22 UTC+1 No.1622291 Report

ive been wondering this for a while. i guess theres no big maker of cartridges anymore. It would be cool if Sega just started rereleasing games for all their previous consoles, even new ones. People still own these, and im sure there is a market for it as well
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:24 UTC+1 No.1622294 Report

It takes just a couple of seconds.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:25 UTC+1 No.1622295 Report

He's mostly right. Not to say there aren't modern games made in the retro style, but the major focus in the games industry right now is on providing gamers with the "cinematic experience," which typically means a focus on cutscenes, voice acting, and graphics over gameplay.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:27 UTC+1 No.1622298 Report

It has very good mechanics and presentation, but is very repetitive. Somebody shoult make a romhack with stages either more varied or much, much shorter.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:29 UTC+1 No.1622304 Report

buy korean pirate carts 100% new PCBs no old games sacrificed. I bought MUSHA that way no way I'm paying 100 dollars for just a loose genesis cart
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:34 UTC+1 No.1622316 Report

the pirate carts even then seem to be a bit expensive but i guess theres no alternative

is ebay the only real place to get them?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:35 UTC+1 No.1622320 Report

Some of the best games of all time are repetitive. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Smash TV etc. Every shmup is just move up, down, left, right, shoot and bomb. Shoot and dodge, shoot and dodge, shoot and dodge...
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:40 UTC+1 No.1622331 Report

ebay is the only place I know of sorry, 15 bucks is a lot but I think they are still cool.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:43 UTC+1 No.1622338 Report

true, beats out shelling out 5-10 times the amount for the original
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:55 UTC+1 No.1622378 Report

arcade games

inb4 quarter-feeding-cuz-i-cant even beat the second-stage-on-1cc-so-its-not-fair
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)01:56 UTC+1 No.1622381 Report

Twisted Metal
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)02:03 UTC+1 No.1622407 Report

Super Metroid
Super Mario World
Double Dragon/Final Fight/Not shit beatem ups from 16 bit era
Metal Gear Solid (not 'badass' until later, more james bond feeling)
Zelda II
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)02:30 UTC+1 No.1622470 Report


>Metal Gear Solid
>games that kick into high gear the moment you press start

Are you retarded?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)02:35 UTC+1 No.1622483 Report

Dude, each level is around 20 minutes long, with 2 to 4 different sections and 2 or 3 different bosses each.
Average level length for a run and gun is probably like 3 to 6 minutes, often with many different sections and bosses.

For comparison:

Level 1 of Adventures of Batman and Robin:
>4 sections (none of them really have anything that sets them apart from the other sections in terms of gameplay except the last section where touching the road hurts you)
>3 bosses
>7 different enemies (regular guys, regular guys that use sliding attacks, guys that shoot, big guys that do melee attacks, big guys that throw dynamite, flying mouth things, balloon bomb things)
>about 18 minutes long

Level 1 of Gunstar Heroes:
>4 sections (all play differently or have very different layouts)
>3 bosses
>7 different enemies (regular soldier guys, red armored soldier guys, soldier guys with jetpacks, soldier guys that slide down the pyramid, soldier guys that bounce down the pyramid, flying laser shooting robots, bee spawning beehives)
>about 5½ minutes long

Level 1 of Contra III:
>3 sections (all play differently)
>3 bosses
>7 different enemies (blue alien guys, red alien guys that sometimes shoot, alien guys that stand in one place and shoot at you from above, alien guys that throw bombs, turrets, angry dogs, fireballs (you can kill them, so they count) )
>about 3½ minutes long
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)02:38 UTC+1 No.1622491 Report

No but you clearly are.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)02:57 UTC+1 No.1622543 Report

What are you talking about, 20 minute long first level? You're full of it. I just popped the game in and got to the first boss in 3 minutes. Those "sections" you refer to are levels, idiot.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)03:09 UTC+1 No.1622570 Report

Uh, no?
Until you see pic related, you're in level one, son.

But if you'd really, seriously prefer, I could call all those 5-ish minute long sections that share enemies and sometimes even bosses "levels", just for you.

Level 1 of Adventures of Batman and Robin:
>1 section
>1 boss
>3 different enemies
>about 5 minutes long

It's either got the same amount of variety but takes three times as long to show it all, or its got nowhere near as much variety in the same amount of time.
Either way, it's more or less the same problem.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)03:26 UTC+1 No.1622615 Report

It doesn't matter what the game says. What matters is that when you use a continue, you begin at the start of the current section of a level that you're currently on, not at the very beginning of what the game considers a level. So in effect, the "sections", as you refer to them as, are levels. Do you really think that first boss is a mid-boss? Are you kidding me? A lot of games have easier final bosses.

I'm not disagreeing that the game is repetitive. I'm saying that a lot of great games are repetitive. So the first level only has 3 different enemies. Big deal. Pac-Man only has one kind of enemy. It's what they do with them that matters.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)03:42 UTC+1 No.1622654 Report

Actually, since all the ghosts behave very differently, Pac-Man has four different enemies I'd say.
But anyway that's an early arcade game all about score with no intentional end where the player is expected to lose very quickly (and can't even win at all).
I don't see how it's comparable to something with no emphasis on score that you are meant to beat in a single sitting which lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

But whatever, my point is Adventures of Batman and Robin is much more repetitive than its contemporaries, and the game would be much better if it were only thirty or forty minutes long.
I won't argue what is or is not a level any further since it has exactly zero impact on my argument.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)03:58 UTC+1 No.1622687 Report


Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)14:29 UTC+1 No.1623276 Report

tetris the grandmaster 2: death mode
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)14:30 UTC+1 No.1623279 Report

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