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Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:49 UTC+1 No.1920291 Report

ITT: Large and thoroughly expanded franchises in which the first game was by far the best.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:53 UTC+1 No.1920303 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:55 UTC+1 No.1920310 Report

Not sure if troll.

Even if you somehow argue that the lack of passwords, no invincibility to spikes, and only 6 bosses make it "more difficult, you fucking casual" Elec Man has to be one of the worst goddamn stage designs ever.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:03 UTC+1 No.1920332 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:05 UTC+1 No.1920335 Report

i dont even understand how someone could possibly have this opinion
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:10 UTC+1 No.1920342 Report

Why, because it's laid out vertically? Little too much variety from the standard level for your tastes? Guess what pal, electricity moves vertically. That's what it's based on.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:12 UTC+1 No.1920347 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:16 UTC+1 No.1920353 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:18 UTC+1 No.1920359 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:18 UTC+1 No.1920360 Report

I love the first megaman, but the best is easily either 2 or 4
Waterworld Box-Chan 09/07/14(Sun)19:23 UTC+1 No.1920376 Report

It's an alright game, but "best"?...

I swear if I ever have to deal with footholders again, I'm gonna crack my controller faster than you can say "no E-Tanks"
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:34 UTC+1 No.1920394 Report

Didn't you just ironically do the exact same thing m8?
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:35 UTC+1 No.1920395 Report

>2 or 4
My nigga.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:53 UTC+1 No.1920437 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)20:11 UTC+1 No.1920503 Report

the only thing i like better about Megaman 1 is how they don't tell u what the new weapon you acquired is allowing you to explore and experiment
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)20:51 UTC+1 No.1920621 Report

This. That segment was virtually impossible without the magnet beam.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)20:53 UTC+1 No.1920632 Report

Megaman classic series:
2 > 3 > 6 > 5 > 1 > 4 > 8 > 7
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)20:59 UTC+1 No.1920656 Report

>Hunting ghosts with a laser rifle
Suck it, Threepwood.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)21:02 UTC+1 No.1920661 Report


I think the other anon forgot about Metroid Fusion.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)21:11 UTC+1 No.1920682 Report

>5 before anything
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)21:13 UTC+1 No.1920690 Report

> electricity moves vertically
not sure if bait or complete lack of physics comprehension
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)21:18 UTC+1 No.1920710 Report

Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)21:18 UTC+1 No.1920712 Report

I think you forgot that this board is for retro games.
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