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Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:12 UTC+1 No.1920219 Report

>Item condition: Very Good
>Arrives covered in scratches, squeaky/broken hinges, teared manual, etc.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:18 UTC+1 No.1920230 Report

>Importing from super-polite Japanese guy
>Condition: Acceptable
>I inspected the case and disc for a good 20 minutes, and couldn't find anything wrong
>Even came with the spine card and inserts

Thank you, anonymous Japanese man.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:22 UTC+1 No.1920239 Report

Were it in non-acceptable condition, the seller would have been obligated to commit a seppuku for dishonoring the rules of eBay.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:28 UTC+1 No.1920251 Report

Literally every game I've bought from a Japanese seller has been in excellent condition. ALL of them. I'm glad they take care of their stuff as well as I do, because the preowned market in the US is a joke.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:38 UTC+1 No.1920269 Report

>Condition: Acceptable
>Box is a little worn around the edges
>Everything else is perfect
>All original packaging, doesn't even look opened

Whoever you are I want your babies
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:51 UTC+1 No.1920296 Report

>preowned market in the US is a joke
Try south america...
>completely scratched discs 70% don't work
>damaged cartridges, missing pieces like someone used a hammer on them
>dog + human bite marks on controlles
>no boxes, no manuals
>consoles missing pieces and buttons
>always dirty, looks like someone peed on it

The worst part is that these monsters still charge 60 bucks for a console in that condition.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:53 UTC+1 No.1920305 Report

>so yankee man how do you rike poroduct?
>eh, its a bit scratch-
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)18:59 UTC+1 No.1920321 Report

Reminds me of the last DC I picked up, condition was labeled: Very Good.

Opened the packaging and everything seemed fine, only thing was slight discolouring which is natural enough for them at this stage. Damn thing only ran for 20 mins and the output died. I was enjoying Powerstone 2 with my buddy at the time to.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:35 UTC+1 No.1920396 Report

God this pisses me off to no end.

So many 'Like New' copies of Shenmue with tatty boxes.

People that list games at Like New then say it's 'almost' Like New in the description.

People that list games as 'New' when the shrink wrap has been fucking taken off. Makes me want to murder a bitch.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:43 UTC+1 No.1920407 Report

My favorite was purchasing an N64 cartridge on e-bay described as "Perfect mint condition" but upon arrival it had a blockbuster sticker on the back.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:47 UTC+1 No.1920418 Report

Hey it's another Ebay thread from Grandpas who don't know how to properly use the site and identify quality items in an effort to get "SWEET DEALZ" by attempting to save 2 whole dollars.

Don't these get deleted daily now?
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:47 UTC+1 No.1920419 Report

>like new
>playmarks aren't scratches
What's his account name?
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:47 UTC+1 No.1920420 Report

The best I've ever had was a a "good" that was just a cartridge that looked like it had been dunked in water at some point
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:54 UTC+1 No.1920440 Report

>writing on the disk
>like new
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:57 UTC+1 No.1920453 Report

I know, what's with these plebs? Only you know the secret to super sweet deals.
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:58 UTC+1 No.1920457 Report

>no returns as all games work
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)19:59 UTC+1 No.1920458 Report

914 feedback, 100% positive
Anonymous 09/07/14(Sun)20:10 UTC+1 No.1920495 Report

Yes, I go outside.

It helps.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)01:35 UTC+1 No.1921309 Report

Make sure you give them negative feedback.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)01:40 UTC+1 No.1921320 Report

Brazil? I know how you feel, bro. Insane prices even for fake garbage ass cartridges. Hate that shit.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)01:41 UTC+1 No.1921324 Report


It's simple, you buy only products that have images of the physical merchandise. Not some googled stock image.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)01:58 UTC+1 No.1921370 Report

>Item Condition: As New
>That circular thing in the middle that holds the CD in place is broken so when the postie throws it the CD slides around and gets scratched
>The postie is a cunt but the seller is too
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)04:36 UTC+1 No.1921919 Report

That's why you ask for images and inquire about the condition of the product. Also, I see more and more people on places like ebay or Amazon that seem to apply the condition to only the cart/disc itself, I suppose borrowing the idea that Gamestop seems to have that those are all that matter in the end, with the manual, case, and box all being bonuses that can be in whatever condition, provided they're even present.
451 09/08/14(Mon)05:55 UTC+1 No.1922197 Report

What I really hate are sellers who put the double disc jewel cases in envelopes with no padding and every time they arrive crushed.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)06:08 UTC+1 No.1922242 Report

Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)07:09 UTC+1 No.1922361 Report

mfw I bought a FF Chronicles for PS1 with stock image and 9 dollars, condition:

"Acceptable, the games may have light scratches but they work 100%"

I mean what the hell I just want to play the game, I don't even care if it is Greatest Hits.

Game arrives: black label with manual, not a single scratch on any of the disks and the jewel case is in perfect condition.

I cannot understand what happened.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)08:04 UTC+1 No.1922430 Report

As someone who has a family member that is into reselling games (honestly something I dislike about him, as it's the only reason he cares for games in the first place; plus he tends to bring up the idea that I should just sell all my games and just play mobile shit instead) and goes on about how he makes it work for him, it might have to do with the idea of putting the condition lower than it might be, so you don't get downrated by someone being strict about just what the condition means, and also provides a nice surprise for the customer.

Or he could have had more copies for sale and accidentally sent one that was actually in good condition.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)09:58 UTC+1 No.1922527 Report

That makes a lot of sense.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)10:07 UTC+1 No.1922535 Report

In regards to the first point, that's something he himself does, putting a game that's actually at "like-new" quality as simply "very good" and so on. Still doesn't prevent him from not wanting to lower his prices to match the change in condition; he loves to try to milk as much as he can from games without them taking forever to actually sell.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)10:10 UTC+1 No.1922537 Report

Yeah, I see what you mean.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)10:22 UTC+1 No.1922548 Report

Do you?
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)11:33 UTC+1 No.1922617 Report

>years ago, brother wants some PS1 game for his birthday
>some semi-obscure game (I don't even remember), used $20-50 in 2005
>cheap used copies are all disc only, heavily scratched, something wrong with them
>buy one for $48 + shipping because I love my bro
>"complete with original box and manual, very light scuffs but plays fine"
>arrives just two days before his birthday (I fully admit to waiting too long to order)
>jewel case is one of those generic colored slimline cases you buy at Walmart for 50 cents, huge crack down the front
>instructions is only the front and back cover of the booklet, all internal pages previously ripped out
>disc heavily scratched
>think "shit shit shit there's no time to get another copy; I'll just give it to him anyway and tell him I can send it back if he doesn't like it"
>bro's birthday comes
>younger bro opens present, he tries to act grateful but I can tell he's disappointed
>promise to get him another copy
>contact eBay seller, provide pics showing that it was not sent in described condition
>he gives me negative feedback saying I was uncooperative
>take it up with eBay itself, I get full refund
>buy another copy for $30 that arrived in CIB VG- perfectly playable
>mfw I made my bro happy in the end
and the guy had like 98.5% positive feedback somehow
Edgar 09/08/14(Mon)11:39 UTC+1 No.1922623 Report

Nice snag! I gave up on ebay after assholes kept complaining that my shipment didn't process in a timely fashion(truthfully, I did take my time on my end parting with my valuables) but the only thing that matters is that I sold things mint, with love and affection. (Some complained that I was marking things up far too high. to them I say, look elsewhere((if you can find the shit I'm selling in mint condition elsewhere. Ha!)))

Sounds like you were being an uncooperative brat letting your emotions get in the way. If some asshole tattled to ebay about not getting it his way then I would have a little fun with the disclosed shipping info.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)11:50 UTC+1 No.1922637 Report

Those are speedmarks. They make the game run faster.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)12:11 UTC+1 No.1922652 Report

Sounds like you're quite the professional.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)12:44 UTC+1 No.1922693 Report

I bought a genesis off ebay and it failed like 3-4 weeks later. I figured it's been too long to make a complaint and benefit of the doubt would fall in his favor, as it could just be dismissed as something I did during that time.

So I had to buy another one and I still have my fucked up genesis. In the future I'll probably try fixing it, but I can't even find any cracked soldering or anything.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)19:58 UTC+1 No.1923343 Report

Not video game item, but related:
>be 15yr old poorfag, save up money from selling weed and having a part time job at a sandwich place
>order new unopened iPod nano from eBay, seller has 99.9 percent rating and speaks English
>item arrives, turns out to be a Chinese knockoff with misspelled labels and no logo running some shitty homemade OS
>basically unusable, can't upgrade firmware and isn't compatible with any file transfer software including iTunes which I used as a last resort
>tell seller, offers full refund and new product if I send it back, send item and accept offer not really wanting new product so I tell my younger sister who is 12 at the time she can have it when it arrives
>get money, smoke weed
>a month later package arrives while I'm out, tell mom situation so she just gives it to my sister
>brand new iPod touch with ear buds and iTunes card and a small apologetic note
>don't show regret, enjoy my sister's extreme happiness bc we are broke as shit and she had something everyone at school wanted
>boiling with rage at fate

Then I bought a 30gb zune from a spoiled autist for 10 bucks. Fuck eBay.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:16 UTC+1 No.1923403 Report


I do. I see what you mean. I do.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:35 UTC+1 No.1923468 Report

I rather accept the US market. last time I ordered a game from japan, it took 6 months to arrive. it was supposed to arrive just about a month after arrival and I didn't end up getting 6 months of waiting.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:42 UTC+1 No.1923502 Report

What sort of shipping option did you pick? Whenever I buy shit from japan I either pick SAL which takes like 2-3 weeks or Airmail which is like a week at most.
And I'm in the UK so it should take longer for me.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:50 UTC+1 No.1923519 Report

Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:50 UTC+1 No.1923520 Report

correction. I was buying a famicom to nes pin converter so I can play famicom games on my nes. I paid for it two years ago, early September 2012. it was supposed to arrive November of that year, but didn't come till February of next year. it came three months late I think due to customs or something like that.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)20:51 UTC+1 No.1923523 Report

also, it was standard shipping.
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)21:51 UTC+1 No.1923674 Report

>Item condition: refurbished
>arrives broken
wow great job you did "refurbishing" this system you piece of shit

damn it man now I'm sitting here with a dead dreamcast to fix, shit just happened
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)22:03 UTC+1 No.1923705 Report

I got a friend who bought a PS2 off ebay and it inexplicably came with a dreamcast as well... Thought that was the coolest shit when it happened. Those were happier times...
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)22:10 UTC+1 No.1923725 Report


>teared manual
Anonymous 09/08/14(Mon)23:22 UTC+1 No.1923880 Report

Hello Edgar, you are quite the professional indeed, Have you figured out how to ferment water yet?
back off hes a super scientist fermenting pure water.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)05:22 UTC+1 No.1924740 Report

>Sounds like you were being an uncooperative brat letting your emotions get in the way.
But the seller blatantly lied about the condition of the game
>original case
was not original case at all
it was as if someone sold a book online but only sent the front cover
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)05:32 UTC+1 No.1924768 Report

>order some playstation game from a big seller on eBay a while back
>they send me some JRPG game instead of what I ordered
>give them negative feedback
>in 24 hours, the seller sends me a fucking essay about how it was a mistake, they're sorry, and they can't get too much negative feedback in a time period in order to maintain their seller status or something
>offers to send me the correct game if I send back the false one and remove my negative feedback
>never respond
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)05:59 UTC+1 No.1924837 Report

Maybe you should stick to fermenting pure water.
Edgar 09/09/14(Tue)08:14 UTC+1 No.1925060 Report

Maybe you should stop STALKING ME and get a life.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)08:25 UTC+1 No.1925067 Report

or maybe you could stop fucking tripfagging all over the place on an anonymous forum like 4chan then nobody would shit on you for being so incredibly stupid

just sayin'
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)09:33 UTC+1 No.1925151 Report

The Japanese seem to be anal retentive about item condition. I've gotten quite a few boxes and manuals that were ranked in "C" condition on a scale of S-A-B-C-F, and get a manual that has maybe one page that had its corner folded at one time and a box that has normal wear on its corners.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)09:53 UTC+1 No.1925165 Report

Then go shitpost outside to a tree or something. I happen to enjoy these threads. No one wants you here anyway, dick.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)11:42 UTC+1 No.1925271 Report

You're an arsehole, Anon.

You should at least contact the seller before leaving negative feedback.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)12:11 UTC+1 No.1925301 Report

see here you JERKS are messing with one of the greatest minds of our generation, look at this image where he FERMENTS WATER.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)15:49 UTC+1 No.1925547 Report

>like new condition
>it's a burned copy
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)17:51 UTC+1 No.1925734 Report

>Not video game item, but related:

Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)18:56 UTC+1 No.1925823 Report

Kind of off topic but why do people pay more for a bundle like this than they would individually?
I understand maybe convenience but I mean cmon it's ebay, it's already convenient.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)22:25 UTC+1 No.1926269 Report

who exactly? I have a hunch that a good portion of people on /vr/, including myself, would not buy that anyways. For that amount I could get a used flash cart, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of lube. Or just emulate and save near a hundred dollars for something actually interesting.
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)22:33 UTC+1 No.1926285 Report

Probably they don't know the value indiviually. When you buy in bulk it's common sense in just about every kind of transaction that each subsequent item gets cheaper as you buy more items.

Soo... uneducatedness on the topic I guess
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)22:59 UTC+1 No.1926336 Report

That pretty much sums up a lot of the craziness that happens on ebay in terms of old games.

People who think VGA grades have real meaning to anyone outside of resellers and investors, think that when someone says RARE or HOLY GRAIL (every time I read that my nuts crawl up into me just a little bit more) it is actually 100% true and not an advertising tactic, and so on and so on are the kind that let resellers have a field day by charging many multiples of what they paid. Truth be told I am often tempted to just take these fools for a ride. I really do see where people get their reselling spirit - when people are this dumb and this willing to overpay without doing a lick of true research or putting forth any effort to find alternative places to buy, how can you not want to fuck them over (in part as revenge for their harming of the hobby)?

Then again, my shit is mine. Those fuckers can't have it.
Anonymous 09/10/14(Wed)03:19 UTC+1 No.1926972 Report

>a good portion of /vr/
>lube and wine
Yeah nah nigguh. I usually price it out but if its 3 games I've been looking for in a bundle like that, sometimes I'll bite.

>implying plebian tier
Anonymous 09/10/14(Wed)18:09 UTC+1 No.1928396 Report

>tfw you buy flashcarts and save thousands because you have no attachment to manufactured plastic

Not a problem hombre
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