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Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)18:52 UTC+1 No.1623598 Report

Let's talk boxes. How important are they when buying retro games? What boxes do you only?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)18:54 UTC+1 No.1623602 Report

Me being 19 I obviously have little retro experience myself. I have a few PS1 games from when I was a toddler but mostly I played my older siblings stuff.

I keep all my boxes and cases so I have no doubt I would have kept any retro stuff too. Luckily my older brother shares my collecting abilities so he still has his PS1 box, and since the Ps1 is mine now then the box is mine. No SNES box though but I have the manual... Yay?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)21:40 UTC+1 No.1623862 Report

If its a cardboard box its a nice bonus, but I would never pay a ridiculous amount extra just to own the box.

If its a plastic case that came with the game it's pretty much a necessity, I'll only buy the game by itself if its my only option
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)21:43 UTC+1 No.1623870 Report

I cant have disc only games lying around, it drives me nuts. I like to have the art and manual for my disc games.
Genesis games too, i really like to hace the case and manual.
As for cardboard boxes, only if i find them for a good price, but otherwise the prices are too crazy. NES isn't TOO horrible, for the most part, but SNES and N64 are just insane.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)00:09 UTC+1 No.1624276 Report

can you post some nice boxes please?
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)00:22 UTC+1 No.1624324 Report

yfw people in japan used to throw the boxes away after purchasing the software?
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)04:47 UTC+1 No.1624775 Report

cartridge based games? Console itself? I couldn't give less of a fuck. CD? Has to have the original case and in good condition.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)05:00 UTC+1 No.1624789 Report

For Saturn games if its NA it has to have a case. JP games if its missing a back or manual I don't really care because you can print those out and they look nice. My xmen vs street fighter didnt have a back cause it originally came with the ram cart and I printed one out and it looks slick. I print covers for games that don't have manuals cause it's not like I can read the manual anyway although the illustrations are usually nice. Incomplete JP games are usually a fraction of the cost too cause they want them to sell.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)05:01 UTC+1 No.1624791 Report

here's the site for saturn covers I used too
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)05:17 UTC+1 No.1624814 Report

I only worry about having boxes for consoles that I deeply care for. I kept the boxes for my Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Boy Color, and a few non-retro consoles when I was a kid and when I bought a Neo Geo CD about a year ago, I also paid a little extra to get one in supreme condition with the box plus manuals and inserts.

CD games always have to come in the case. Generally I take the CDs out anyway and keep them in a binder so all the games are easily accessible, but if you purchase it in the case odds are that someone took care of it better.

Cartridge games don't matter as long as the label is in good shape.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)05:18 UTC+1 No.1624815 Report

If it's a disc-based game, it's gotta come with a box. Otherwise, odds are the disc is beaten to shit by the time I get my hands on it.

If it's a console or a cartridge-based game, then the box is more of a bonus than a necessity.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)06:21 UTC+1 No.1624910 Report

Only box I have is the Sonic & Knuckles one. It's pretty beat up, but it still has the instructions and all of the inserts/ads and cardboard shit.

My only retro discs in their original cases are my Dreamcast games. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of DVD cases for my PS1 games (currently in paper or generic jewel cases) and giving them custom Cover Project covers so they blend in with my PS2 games.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)06:22 UTC+1 No.1624915 Report

If the game came in a cardboard box (NES, SNES, N64, late Genesis) then fuck it. It got thrown out for a reason. If the game had packaging worth keeping (Genesis, Neo Geo Pocket, US Saturn, those thick Japanese Playstation cases) then it's a must.
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