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Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:56 UTC+1 No.1902170 Report

Looking to replay some Dungeon Keeper 2, but its pretty broken on windows 8/ Cant get it to work with a good resolution

Any ideas?
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)18:09 UTC+1 No.1902201 Report

use the GOG version, DK2 works perfectly with patch 1.8 on windows 7, so I'd suggest use Windows 7 Mode and turn of hardware accel in the menu (can be a bit tricky but onces that's done the game runs perfectly)
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)18:25 UTC+1 No.1902230 Report

Not OP.

While we're at it, what should I play, DK2 or the original game? I've only played a little bit of DK2 back in 2002 or so.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)18:31 UTC+1 No.1902242 Report

Original game first Dungeon Keeper Gold, after that DK2
Suggesting the GOG version of DK gold and set cycles to 185000 and please make sure to press ALT R ingame to switch to higher resolution

I wish I could re-experience DK1 again, I'm so good at it now, and finished the Deeper Dungeons pack a month ago. My alltime favorite game nr.1
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)18:59 UTC+1 No.1902308 Report

Wasn't there an engine remake for DK1?
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)19:24 UTC+1 No.1902361 Report

OP here, just got it working. Needed to use a chain of comments in a shortcut to fully disable Hardware acceleration as in game did not work, then used regedit to set the resolution to 1080p. Looks great.

Is DK1 really that good? May play it sooner.
Anonymous 09/01/14(Mon)02:38 UTC+1 No.1903390 Report

Not him, but DK1 is way more than that good.

DK2 is also really good, and improved on a lot of meh aspects of DK1, but it left out some things which were awesome.

I play both regularly and I feel that
>DK1 had a lot more creature spells, really fucking cool ones too, for more monsters
>DK1 had way more creatures, both good and evil. Some were kinda odd (the tentacle) but literally nothing compares to the destruction wrought by an army of dragons that you trained up from demon spawns, and in general the monsters were just cooler
>Way more creatures could manufacture things, which became funny as fuck when you saw archers shooting arrows into machines to make gas traps
>None of this "a mistress has become unhappy because she's in the company of creatures she hates", creatures that didn't like each other would just duke it the fuck out if they crossed paths, which is kind of metal now that I think about it
>Purple orcs ain nuttin 2 fuk wit

>DK2 however, streamlined a lot of annoying bullshit, the mana system was way better for spells and the dungeon heart holding gold was also useful
>Better graphics, sexier mistresses
>Create Gold is useful
>Cooler room mechanics
>Also problems with creatures falling in the water in the temple
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