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Need some help Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)19:17 UTC+1 No.1619069 Report

So /vr/ I have the chance to pick up a darkstalkers arcade cabinet and well I am just wondering how much I should pay or offer.

It's an estate sale and I intended to on going to pick up a small fridge for one of the apartments I am renovating. I saw that that the guy who died also has a darkstalkers cab and I was wondering what a reasonable price is for one.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)20:09 UTC+1 No.1619187 Report

Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:10 UTC+1 No.1619334 Report

totally thought that said DuckTales and I was like

That is one METAL ducktales logo
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)21:13 UTC+1 No.1619345 Report

If its an estate sale, and its in good condition you may be able to pick it up anywhere from 100-200 bucks.

Theres one on ebay for 700, and thats kinda typical for a pinball/arcade machine. Although I would try and get it for 300-500 tops.

It depends if you actually want it. Me not being a huge fan of dark stalkers I would pass, UNLESS I could get it for 200 or less. It also has to work. Getting an arcade machine that doesn't work is asking for trouble.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:50 UTC+1 No.1619583 Report

Just saw the board (A & B) alone sell for $130 recently. I'm seconding >>1619345 and saying offer $100 to $200. If they get bitchy tell them the only thing really worth money is the board and everything else can be bought cheaply since it doesn't even have a dedicated cabinet.

eBay and Craigslist prices seem to be inflated as hell.
Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)22:55 UTC+1 No.1619598 Report

>That is one METAL ducktales logo


Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:02 UTC+1 No.1619614 Report

When you buy Darkstalkers you're getting a complete working CPS-II so for just the cost of the "cartridge" aka the "B board" (and maybe the marquee) you can convert it to one of the 40 other CPS-II titles

Anonymous 05/13/14(Tue)23:04 UTC+1 No.1619619 Report

Great advice guys I'll try to see what happens this saturday and if I can get it for 100-200 bucks.

I did not know this if it's working then this sweetens the deal.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)00:18 UTC+1 No.1619762 Report

Do you even like Darkstalkers, OP? It's kind of an acquired taste, and DS3 is the one you really want. If you can get it for super cheap, you can convert it to something else pretty easily.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)03:24 UTC+1 No.1620193 Report

Aren't those cps boards the ones with the suicide battery?
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)04:07 UTC+1 No.1620294 Report

If it's in good shape, I would say around $300. The nice thing about CPS-2 cabs is that the wiring is compatible with other Capcom games like Street Fighter and even MvC2 on Naomi. Or you could upgrade to the much better Vampire Savior if you can find the board. Just make sure you change the suicide battery on the Darkstalkers board.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)04:38 UTC+1 No.1620371 Report

>Not DS2
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)04:54 UTC+1 No.1620409 Report

So I read up on the suicide battery and have an idea now. Also I called the person handling the estate and apparently there is a second cab with some japanese game but the guy couldn't tell me much.

The great thing is I live out in the country and the majority of people who will come to this are guys looking for tools not arcade cabinets. Hopefully I'll be able to pick them up cheap and take pictures this sat.

As for like DS I played one of the dark stalker games back when I was a kid with my brother though I don't think it was the first one to come out but yea.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:02 UTC+1 No.1620428 Report

>a second cab with some japanese game
Watch it be a candy cab
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:06 UTC+1 No.1620432 Report

I would go up to 350, but shoot for less than 200.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:14 UTC+1 No.1620448 Report

The estate guy said they both turn on so I assume they are in working order to a degree. I am looking forward to getting these though Not only to have around the house but I rent out a building downtown in my local town and I think it would be great to wheel them out on the sidewalks during events this summer so they pay for themselves are at least bring some food or beer money. Just worried about some bratty kids destroy them or creating wear and tear.

Funny thing is the building that I bought thats now rented out used to be an arcade downstairs and apartment upstairs back in the 80s. There are so many outlets.

Candy cabs look comfy as fuck.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:30 UTC+1 No.1620475 Report

Not only are they comfy but the're made for conversion with tri-sync monitors that are easy to rotate and front door access to their PCBs

Basically if you had a Western 6 button cabinet with a CPS-2 in it AND a Candy cab with a big tri-sync in it you'd have an extremely respectable home arcade setup just fall in your lap and we'd hate you.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)05:46 UTC+1 No.1620493 Report

Yeah they can go for up to 500 here but then again I live in the middle of the desert.
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)09:29 UTC+1 No.1620847 Report

>Wanting a haunted Darkstalkers cabinet

yeah good luck with all the skeletons hiding in it
Anonymous 05/14/14(Wed)18:08 UTC+1 No.1621362 Report

Hey, if you're gonna have a haunted cabinet, at least a Darkstalkers one is pretty fitting thematically and all.
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