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Anonymous 09/29/14(Mon)06:56 UTC+1 No.1972153 Report

What are some good sprite-based JRPG's? I've been trying to look for something that captures the funor look of Suikoden II or Ogre Battle 64 for a while now, but to no avail.
Anonymous 09/29/14(Mon)07:02 UTC+1 No.1972157 Report

Breath of Fire III/IV
Wild ARMs 1/2
Star Ocean / The Second Story
Anonymous 09/29/14(Mon)07:18 UTC+1 No.1972175 Report

Breath of Fire, II, III, IV
Front Mission (FanTran)
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (FanTran), 2: Innocent Sin (FanTran), 2: Eternal Punishment
Valkyrie Profile (Non-isometric view but has that non-super deformed look I believe you're looking for)
Xenogears (Similar to above)
Anonymous 09/29/14(Mon)07:21 UTC+1 No.1972178 Report

Thanks, I'll look into these.

Has anyone tried Legend of Mana? It looks like everything I could ever want, but I'm not sure
That Ecchi Guy 09/29/14(Mon)07:26 UTC+1 No.1972181 Report

If you enjoyed Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 3 you'll likely enjoy Legend as well
Anonymous 09/29/14(Mon)07:28 UTC+1 No.1972184 Report

It's an action RPG, essentially. Combat is brawler style with NPC companions. There are multiple paths through the main game and tons and tons of side shit to do, as well.

People generally say that the core gameplay is quite flawed but the art and music offset it by making it pretty fun to play regardless.
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