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Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:06 UTC+1 No.1791251 Report

What does /vr/ think of Policenauts?
Don Rumata 07/22/14(Tue)05:08 UTC+1 No.1791257 Report

Like Snatcher, it's a good gateway drug for getting into the J-PC scene.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:11 UTC+1 No.1791269 Report

I thought it was amazing when I first tried it.
I was hooked, but when it came time for disc 2 after failing at that bomb detonation part 50 times.. It came to be that I fucking made the EBOOT wrong.. and couldn't finish the game.

So I put it down for a few months and redownloaded a proper version.. but I just can't get my self to play through it again.. the magic was ruined. :(
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:24 UTC+1 No.1791313 Report

I bought a 3rd party PSX mouse to play it. Works beautifully. Also made goddamn Quake 2 VERY playable. WASD + MOUSE? More like UDLR+L1+L2+MOUSE.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)05:43 UTC+1 No.1791370 Report

Far out. But what do you think of Policenauts?
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)06:27 UTC+1 No.1791489 Report

Having just played Snatcher, this game disappointed me a little. My expectations for this game were way different than what I got, but what I got was still good. The story was a bit more subtle than Snatcher's, and the puzzles were a little bullshit like the purse bomb, but flipping boobs made up for them.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)07:02 UTC+1 No.1791598 Report

loved this and snatcher but the plot twist was soooo dumb
probably liked snatcher more. kind of want to replay now.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)07:10 UTC+1 No.1791617 Report

It starts out interesting at first, but after the bomb disposal puzzle, the game seems to put on auto-play and the story is not really as compelling as Snatcher's. Karen turning out to be Jonathan's daughter is such an obvious twist, I don't know why they tried to play it as a mystery. It's even telegraph by Lorraine's dying words.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)09:15 UTC+1 No.1791956 Report

I thought the bomb disposal section was appropriately both frustrating and suspenseful, almost as if you were disposing of a real bomb. Also I managed to finish this game using the PSP analogue stick, the shotting sections aren't that difficult.
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)10:39 UTC+1 No.1792094 Report

Lethal Weapon rip off.
Also, very boring VN. Get Snatcher instead if you really like Kojima work .
Anonymous 07/22/14(Tue)13:37 UTC+1 No.1792351 Report

Among top 10 least likeable protagonists
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