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Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)04:59 UTC+1 No.1622806 Report

What's your favorite retro vidya youtube channels /vr/?

There are not enough good ones that cover classic PC gaming in my opinion.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:03 UTC+1 No.1622812 Report


Lazy game reviews comes to mind. Great voice, reviews lots of old PC games and hardware.

I found out about him from /vr/ and I think he's great, very easy to listen to.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:17 UTC+1 No.1622841 Report

Con Cinco Duros
His commentaries are entirely in Spanish, but he clears numerous arcade games in one credit in their default settings (at least their MAME defaults), including some really tough ones.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:19 UTC+1 No.1622843 Report

Petition moot to ban e-celebs from /vr/.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:21 UTC+1 No.1622845 Report

>Bitches about "e-celebs" on /vr/
>Uses a reaction face of an e-celeb
Are you retarded?
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:22 UTC+1 No.1622846 Report

I don't like many Youtubers but I have found a few good channels
Game Sack
MetalJesusRocks - he used to work at Sierra back in the day and features a lot of PC games
Real Game Hunter - He used to post around /vr/, good flea market hunting channel
Of course CGR is good too most people know of Mark already though
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:27 UTC+1 No.1622851 Report


She's probably his "waifu".
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:31 UTC+1 No.1622861 Report

She's not even that cute. Looks completely like a boy.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:55 UTC+1 No.1622892 Report

>let's ban retro discussion from retro

Not this shit again.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)05:58 UTC+1 No.1622896 Report


Modern Youtubers are not retro. They're just failed comedians and people too uncreative to make original content. so they just talk over game footage and expect money for that.

They're disgusting scumbags. Every single one of the.

If this thread makes it to 500 posts, there will not be a single one that discusses video games, I guarantee it.

e-celeb threads invite promoational posts. It invites gossip threads about Youtubers and their pathetic lives.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)06:26 UTC+1 No.1622934 Report

Your shitposting is not exactly helping. Besides, the youtubers posted here thus far actually talk about videogames, not tryhard aspies like Spoony or Razorfist.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)07:20 UTC+1 No.1622972 Report


Strokes, folks; you know how it goes.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)07:53 UTC+1 No.1622996 Report

>wahhhh wahhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Yeah, we get it. Go the fuck away.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)07:56 UTC+1 No.1622998 Report

>Metal Jesus
>Mark from CGR
>Gaming Historian

>failed comedians

God DAMN, you're an idiot.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)08:01 UTC+1 No.1623001 Report


Which content network are you two in?

I hope you two get HIV from Freddy Mercury lime Easy E did, because you two sure are Kaposis Sarcoma (gay cancer) on this board.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)08:13 UTC+1 No.1623007 Report

Well, not only did you start off with ignorance, you ended with complete idiocy.

Are you proud of yourself? I'm curious as to how old you are.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)08:22 UTC+1 No.1623014 Report

Ignore him, Mr. Bond. It's pretty obvious he's just shitposting to derail the thread.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)08:43 UTC+1 No.1623027 Report


I love LGR, but whew his top games of 2013 made me cringe. I'm just glad he doesn't do a whole lot of videos on modern games outside of Sims related stuff.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)09:14 UTC+1 No.1623056 Report

Not exclusively retro but a very good portion of the content is
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)09:16 UTC+1 No.1623060 Report

>I love LGR, but whew his top games of 2013 made me cringe
He is good, but his jokes are always kind of the same, and yes, all of his top games are cringeworthy
Same thing with Totalbiscuit (that top games of 2012, hurgh)
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)10:15 UTC+1 No.1623101 Report

Lazy Game Reviews
16-bit Gems
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)11:40 UTC+1 No.1623127 Report

Kinaman88 (Dendy Chronicles guy)
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)11:56 UTC+1 No.1623140 Report

He posts most stuff on his own website but I enjoy Leftover Culture Review.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)11:58 UTC+1 No.1623141 Report


No skits, no reviews, mostly retro and some great playthrough
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)12:01 UTC+1 No.1623142 Report

Gamesack is great and goes over lesser known shit
CGR of course
Pat The NES Punk's podcast and flea market madness is great but I find his regular show boring
Happy Videogame Nerd was fucking amazing but the last year all he's done is upload stream highlights and podcasts
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)12:33 UTC+1 No.1623170 Report

https://www.youtube.com/user/mentski (mostly retro arcade games)
https://www.youtube.com/user/lukemorse1 (his is more general but he does a ton of retro repairs and is a good channel if you're into retro or modern)
https://www.youtube.com/user/pushinguproses (mostly retro PC games)
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)13:12 UTC+1 No.1623212 Report

I like RetroGameTech. Really nice, knowledgeable Scottish guy who buys broken consoles and fixes them, mods consoles and collects games. I think he's an electrical engineer- certainly knows what he's doing with consoles.

Doesn't update that much anymore but I always look forward to them when they come.

Sit back and have a nice rake through some of his handheld consoles. Ahhh.

Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)13:18 UTC+1 No.1623217 Report

Girl on the internet syndrome.

No thanks.
Why do game reviewers have to put their face in stuff. Talk over it or don't. Your headshot should not come into it.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)13:22 UTC+1 No.1623221 Report

>Game Sack
I like the variety of games they show but holy shit those two guys are fucking awful.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)13:27 UTC+1 No.1623226 Report

The only thing PUR is guilty of is getting a bit too personal sometimes. She is a fairly knowledgeable PC gamer and her videos are well put together.
The face skits are, perhaps, a consequence of her previous participation in TGWTG. Her early stuff was pure gameplay.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)16:31 UTC+1 No.1623402 Report

NĂ©stor is the fucking master of arcade
Don Rumata 05/15/14(Thu)16:42 UTC+1 No.1623416 Report

Gggmanlives did a great review of SiN and has done other FPS games a good look-over as well, so he gets my approval.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)16:44 UTC+1 No.1623419 Report

>participation in TGWTG
oh boy...
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)16:48 UTC+1 No.1623421 Report

It's not as bad as when Movieblob put in some fucking Data East compilation for the Wii as part of top games of the generation.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)16:56 UTC+1 No.1623432 Report

Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)18:29 UTC+1 No.1623561 Report

to be fair, her things with paw weren't that bad.
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)18:31 UTC+1 No.1623565 Report


I second Metal Jesus Rocks,

also check out "PortsCenter"

and on the podcast side of things, Gameboy Crammer
Anonymous 05/15/14(Thu)18:34 UTC+1 No.1623571 Report


Oh, and being a Turbografx fan, check out this guy. http://www.turboviews.com/

He's got a pinball collection and reviews on them also.. spida1a on youtube
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)05:21 UTC+1 No.1624821 Report

I enjoy their sense of humor, cheesy just for the sake of it
Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)01:58 UTC+1 No.1626573 Report

VyseTheDetermined is easily one of the best. No shitty scripts or attempts to be funny. Just straight gameplay and in-depth info in the descriptions.

Anonymous 05/17/14(Sat)02:00 UTC+1 No.1626576 Report


https://www.youtube.com/user/Vysethedetermined2 **
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)05:01 UTC+1 No.1629106 Report

Lukemorse1. Pretty cool guy.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)11:03 UTC+1 No.1629586 Report


His jokes are the same, but I love them.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)18:44 UTC+1 No.1630159 Report

Is there anything like AVGN?
I love shitty games.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)18:57 UTC+1 No.1630185 Report

Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)20:29 UTC+1 No.1630376 Report

>https://www.youtube.com/user/pushinguproses (mostly retro PC games)
The woman reviewer feels the need to always be on teh screen. For fuck's sake, women on Youtube are caricatures of their gender.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)21:37 UTC+1 No.1630562 Report

Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)04:40 UTC+1 No.1631424 Report


"This game has ok graphics and the music is decent. The controls consists of jumping and attacking."

I like that they showcase so many cool games, but their style of reviewing is so goddamn shallow. It's like listening to an 8-year old describing their summer vacation.
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)06:18 UTC+1 No.1631576 Report

Is that supposed to be the translated episodes?
What happened to the quality? I randomly checked two that I hadn't seen before, and they seem google-translate quality compared to the pretty good Dendy Chronicles ones.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)00:29 UTC+1 No.1632921 Report

Yes, those are all the translated episodes so far. The subs for the recent videos is really shit except Kinamania Special which has subs par with the first videos, Kinaman knows them, but until the subs get replaced, he left those shitty subs because it is better than nothing and the kind of people who would rather watch without subs than to read those subs could just turn them off instead.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)01:51 UTC+1 No.1633068 Report

I dabbled in just about everyone, but I'd say that lophatjello-HVGN is my favorite
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)03:22 UTC+1 No.1633254 Report


JonTron pretty much is the closest to what you want, while not being a total AVGN rip-off.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)05:43 UTC+1 No.1633570 Report

I didn't notice it until I started going to his youtube channel, but he really fucking loves the Sims, doesn't he?

LGR's a good guy, even if I don't agree with him about a lot of modern game.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)05:47 UTC+1 No.1633579 Report

>16-bit Gems
Does he even do stuff anymore? I remember him not uploading shit for a year or something.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)17:22 UTC+1 No.1634348 Report

Howard C Neal, but alas, he hath disappeared from the webternets.


This video is from a channel that re-uploaded all of his videos when merchantube killed his original account.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)17:29 UTC+1 No.1634354 Report


My biggest problem is their little opening is always so awkward like it's the first time they've ever made a video.

I like the guys but like you said they never really go in-depth about anything.
Anonymous 05/21/14(Wed)02:56 UTC+1 No.1635546 Report

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