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Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)07:22 UTC+1 No.1743261 Report

what are some of the toughest games you got to beat when you were younger?
pic related
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)07:31 UTC+1 No.1743271 Report

Get on my level, Son.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)07:36 UTC+1 No.1743278 Report


I still have nightmares from that game.
Though in hindsight, most of the difficulty came from subpar controls and bad camera alignment.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)08:03 UTC+1 No.1743334 Report

The two Cauldron games were beyond brutal.

Not to mention that it's locked at something like 17,5 fps.
The game would've been fantastic without those issues.
OP 07/06/14(Sun)08:41 UTC+1 No.1743429 Report

I'll admit defeat to this one
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)08:46 UTC+1 No.1743443 Report

Call me a scrub, but I was able to beat Pokemon Gold when I was young

And that means beating Lance and his team of Dragonites, WITHOUT an Ice pokemon
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)15:51 UTC+1 No.1743907 Report

Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)23:36 UTC+1 No.1745104 Report

I only played that game recently. I had not problem with the controls what so ever and I even played it on some shit touchscreen instead of an actual controller.
The Dungeon Master 07/06/14(Sun)23:48 UTC+1 No.1745146 Report

Allow me to interject, you see, I am the dungeon master. As in the master of Deathtrap Dungeon.

Nobody can beat my skills at the game and I do in fact have the largest collection of Deathtrap Dungeon related merchandise. I own the book, both games, strategy guide, and a store display hangs from my wall. I have also completed both the PS1 version of the game and PC versions with both characters, Chain Dog and Red Lotus

I may or may not pick up more to my collection such as the official T-Shirt or pre order cards depending on whether or not my collection should be challenged, regardless:

Deathtrap Dungeon as you see it is not a "tough" game by any sense of the word, nor is it a game that controls poorly or or has a bad camera. You see, it controls the same way Tomb Raider does and is in fact quite simple to control. It is no mere coincidence both are made by Eidos.

Going from memory alone, you can use the walk feature of the game to near any ledge without falling off it, allowing you to precisely angle and position your jumps, truly a work of art in itself.

However, let's not forget the priceless 'first person mode' that allows you to view any part of the game at any angle, my oh my what beauty.

Not to mention, enemy difficulty is very easy. If you have 86 or more health and pick up a health potion, you will in fact, keep that potion. Thus allowing you to stack potions for any difficult enemy you may face (Although, all crumble beneath Chain Dog's holy blade.)
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)23:55 UTC+1 No.1745159 Report

Nice. What year was it and how old were you?. I'm the Ghosts & Goblins kid (beat it at about 11 in 88) and when I tried playing that game it destroyed me and I got so fucking mad. I didn't understand the concept of grinding until Dragon Warrior.
The Dungeon Master 07/06/14(Sun)23:57 UTC+1 No.1745163 Report

To continue, Deathtrap Dungeon's not tough by any means, the entire game can be surpassed by such simple methods listed above. In fact, even the PC exclusive content is quite simple with such methods and an improved framerate.

I have slain the almighty Ugluk Stormfart (name redacted in the PC version) multiple times without needing to heal using such methods.

Also, I suggest mashing the fabled 'operate' button against all walls, for you never know what secrets you may find to aid you in your quest. Best not let the medusa sisters turn you to stone with their powerful gaze.

The only difficulty to be had in deathtrap dungeon is from the holy drums of war, almost maddening. You see, in the Steam version of the game (if you can get sound working) you may find that the game only plays 1 song, the very first song in the files. These will play throughout your 5 hour long playthrough to complete the holy quest. Muting is not an option for any true Chain Dog.

If you are a woman, you may find it easier to use Red Lotus, the faster character. Chain Dog cannot keep up with her speed but he is in essence, the strongest human.

I suggest you play easier kid games like Tomb Raider 1-4 in order to acquaint yourself with the art of Deathtrap's control scheme, or you will never defeat Baron Von Sukhumvit's deadly dungeon and reap the holy reward, not any materialistic reward, but a holy one, a life changing experience.

This is The Dungeon Master educating and signing out. It's simple art
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)23:57 UTC+1 No.1745164 Report

You should play Blade Arts.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)23:58 UTC+1 No.1745167 Report

This could take a minute.

Friday the 13th
Metal Gear
Mickey's Mouscapades or whatever the hell it was called. Fuck that game.
Power D.O.L.L.S. I'm not proud.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:27 UTC+1 No.1745262 Report

Not that anon, but does this require little or no knowledge of moon runes? If not, are there any guides of the game that could help?
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:41 UTC+1 No.1745295 Report

Including the good ending

Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)00:45 UTC+1 No.1745309 Report
File: ki.jpg-(123x125)
If this is actually the...
If this is actually the easiest game on the entire Game Boy and I am/was just being delusional, I wouldn't be surprised. I was 5 at the time I beat it.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:26 UTC+1 No.1745396 Report

I can't read Japanese but I can play it. It could be slow going if you're not real familiar with Tomb Raider style puzzles but there are definitely walkthroughs.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:31 UTC+1 No.1745416 Report


Yeah, well I call shenanigans.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:34 UTC+1 No.1745420 Report

this version was harder 10x than the arcade version because the conversion was shit and it was cheap as hell

the arcade version is hard but not cheap, while the shitty NES version is
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:43 UTC+1 No.1745436 Report

Original Rayman. Just the levels though, fuck getting all those pink things in the cages.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)01:54 UTC+1 No.1745465 Report

I actually beat Rayman and Rayman 2 to 100% completion as a child, and wasn't aware they were considered that hard until pretty recently
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)02:59 UTC+1 No.1745659 Report

Shit, Boy. I used to speed run Metroid for fun when I was that age. I discovered the Suitless Samus that way before the Justin Baoley code was even revealed. Kids at school thought I was lying then that code came out and they were blown away.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)03:01 UTC+1 No.1745664 Report

>Justin Baoley

*Justin Bailey
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)03:05 UTC+1 No.1745676 Report

Justin Baloney
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)03:14 UTC+1 No.1745707 Report

You, i like you.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)16:45 UTC+1 No.1747013 Report

Say what you want, the flying turtle level in Deathtrap Dungeon was atrocious
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)17:16 UTC+1 No.1747080 Report

I don't know.

I was pretty fucking casual as a kid.

Maybe SHOGO?
Paco 07/07/14(Mon)17:17 UTC+1 No.1747081 Report

I remember reading part of a walkthrough of this in Tips n Tricks and was fascinated. I think it was the same issue that had a kind of "oh hey, this Pokemon thing is kind of blowing up overseas. Watch out, America!" article.

Also, Final Fantasy no deaths with a goddamn Red Mage on my team.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)17:33 UTC+1 No.1747120 Report

My brother beat Deathtrap Dungeon legit on the Playstation. I did not. I remember being fairly impressed with it, though. Although the game has a lot of jank and aggravating bullshit at times, the levels are pretty creative with good use of vertical space.
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)17:47 UTC+1 No.1747150 Report

i liked the opening cutscene, does that make me cool?
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)17:51 UTC+1 No.1747160 Report

Allies Campaign in the original Red Alert, especially before getting longbows
Anonymous 07/07/14(Mon)20:01 UTC+1 No.1747416 Report

Dynamite Headdy
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
Sword of Shodan
Streets of Rage
Golden Axe
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)01:07 UTC+1 No.1748437 Report

Punch out, original

3 years old
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)03:04 UTC+1 No.1748852 Report

Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)03:13 UTC+1 No.1748883 Report

Couldn't beat this fucker till I was in my 20's.
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