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Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:46 UTC+1 No.15160756 Report

Is religion communal magic?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:51 UTC+1 No.15160761 Report

If it were, wouldn't religious communities demonstrate some significant benefit other groups don't? Longer, healthier lives, better crop yield, something. In that they don't (often quite the opposite) makes it pretty clear that no, there's no magic, communal or otherwise.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)14:56 UTC+1 No.15160770 Report

religious devotees are able to alter their brain chemistry at will, which is pretty neat, but still not magic.

religion was created tens of thousands of years ago to explain phenomena we had no way of understanding yet, like the progression of time, birth, survival vis-a-vis successful hunting and gathering and eventually agriculture, and then death and whatever comes after. one of the first rituals humans ever conceived was ceremonial burial.

we made gods and jailers for ourselves because we felt small, and ashamed, and alone.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:06 UTC+1 No.15160791 Report

Jesus looks like Kurt Russel
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)16:45 UTC+1 No.15161017 Report

I have a story to contribute.
>I've been trying out esoteric practices
>such things as meditation, altered mental states (no drugs), tarot reading, dream journaling if that even counts
>been meditating and such for quite some time from preteens
>I'm not necessarily good

>for family reasons, I've been attending church
>also many years ago, I gave up the occult for Christianity for a year
>two weeks ago, had a very strange experience while in church
>pastor asked for prayer groups of 2-3
>basically it's when you gather up and pray in a whisper for your group to hear (I totally forgot about it and did not participate)
>it was the mixture of the whispers of prayers all around me and the general atmosphere of church
>I felt dizzy and overwhelmed like I was going to pass out
>the feeling was similar to the altered mental feeling I get when I had a successful meditation session
>except in meditation, I usually feel very clear and awestruck, this experience left me sort of bewildered and just out of it
>also another reason why I couldn't contribute my part of the prayer
>experience was sort of a physical effect IMO
>sensations are altered, not mental enlightenment - that's the difference
>can't explain it
>don't know if it's necessarily magic
>there's something about going to church and sitting before the altar
>plus the effect of people around being spiritual
>I get really bugged out at church as this is fairly common when I visit but said experience was by far the most sudden
>almost like meditating has made the church effect stronger

Is it the group hivemind? Or something deeper in the human psyche that recognizes the sacredness of alters in general? I don't know. How could I logically know that I'm sitting in front of the holy place if a religion I don't agree with yet still get a spiritual/physical reaction? It's a mystery.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)17:03 UTC+1 No.15161061 Report


Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)18:38 UTC+1 No.15161322 Report

Its probably more like "magic is solitary religion", which removes practically all potential benefits of religion while keeping all the bullcrap that goes along with it.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:02 UTC+1 No.15161381 Report

I recommend a book called "Come up Higher" if you're interested in meditation. It's by Paul Cox, and he goes into quantum physics in some chapters. He used to do exorcisms in Africa.

It help clear the air for my meditations, I've now stepped into waking visions, sometimes precognitive information comes and is confirmed later.
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:35 UTC+1 No.15162466 Report

It's the Holy Spirit inside you anon. Trying to lead to the truth.
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:47 UTC+1 No.15162485 Report

Actually people who attend some sort of religious services once a week are reported to have a slightly longer life span.
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