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/x/ - Paranormal - Spectrophilia; Is it abusive?

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Spectrophilia; Is it abusive? ? 09/02/14(Tue)15:41 UTC+1 No.15160864 Report

Spectrophilia, sex with ghosts or spirits, is on the rise worldwide.

However concerns have surfaced that the spirits are not getting proper consent from those they engage in sex with.

Some people are super into ghost sex as a fetish, as evidenced by the online communities you can find dedicated to ghost erotica. But there's also the phenomenon of ghost rape, when people feel they've been assaulted by spirits against their will. Folklorist David J. Hufford believes that up to 15 percent of people "experience being assaulted in their sleep by an unknown entity at some point in their lives." Even with ghosts, there's the issue of consent — while some people actively try to summon demons to do it with, others say ghosts have groped them without the okay.

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:44 UTC+1 No.15160874 Report

>not checking your alive privilege
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:46 UTC+1 No.15160879 Report


Wait, wouldn't it be the undead that are the privileged ones?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)15:50 UTC+1 No.15160886 Report

would i remember it?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:56 UTC+1 No.15161522 Report

Hasn't Spectrophilia been one of /x/'s most cherished goals since the dawn of time?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)19:59 UTC+1 No.15161532 Report

>human sexuality has been repressed for so long that even the ghosts are raping people

thats hilarious
also sad
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:01 UTC+1 No.15161538 Report

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:05 UTC+1 No.15161553 Report

This is my absolute fetish
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:10 UTC+1 No.15161570 Report

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:14 UTC+1 No.15161585 Report

Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:15 UTC+1 No.15161589 Report

I was assaulted by one of these "unknown entities" before. I would describe the experience is like having sleep paralysis while having a wet dream at the same time. All that I remember that it was not fun. However, I guarantee that this post will be responded with "OH THAT IS MY FETISH" and "SUCK IT UP PUSSY AND ADMIT THAT YOU ENJOY IT!"

It's funny. It seems like it happens to individuals who by all means do not consent to anything, while it is randomly imposed who "they" choose to select. While others who post "I WANT TO FUCK A SUCCUBUS" never undergo the experience just for their sole intentions/selfish desires alone.
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)20:17 UTC+1 No.15161594 Report

what is that, a younger swayze?
Anonymous 09/02/14(Tue)22:38 UTC+1 No.15162064 Report

Getting touched or fucked by something you can't see sounds kinda hot
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)00:33 UTC+1 No.15162462 Report


>Getting touched or fucked by something you can't see sounds kinda hot
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)03:07 UTC+1 No.15162998 Report

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)04:24 UTC+1 No.15163396 Report

I really really want to fuck a ghost girl.

Any tips?
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)04:53 UTC+1 No.15163565 Report

How can they be sure that it was a ghost and not something like a wet dream?
nigger 09/03/14(Wed)04:57 UTC+1 No.15163589 Report

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)05:05 UTC+1 No.15163629 Report

I had this certain legal strain I smoked once.

The first time I had to go take a 3 hour nap. The 2nd time and a few times after, I experienced it. It was insane and I can't describe it.. but it happened. I felt it the same I would feel a real girl and came hands free multiple times.

Id type more but its uncomfortable to think back on
Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)14:20 UTC+1 No.15164728 Report

Anonymous 09/03/14(Wed)14:47 UTC+1 No.15164780 Report

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